$999 Calyx M with DXD + DSD, 64GB + SD + µSD storage

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by seeteeyou, Oct 28, 2013.
  1. immortalsoul
    Thank you for your fast answer. I am more into IEM, because of the portability. Is good that you mentioned that you like  a neutral tonality, because that is very important. I personally prefer an organic/warm tonality. Another important factor is the type of music that you listen. I love metal music, and is hard to find a headphone that sound organic/warm and still keep up with the fast music. For now the best synergy for me is Final Audio Design Heaven VI and Sony MDR EX700, but I am interested in a transparent headphone. I want to try FLC8S because you can tune the sound to your preference. I have AKG K3003i but it sound sibilant sometime, I am very sensitive to hot treble. Anyway, thank you!
  2. WindowsX
    Thank you everyone one for your support. The leaks didn't cause me much of financial damage as this is like a hobby that I just need a lot of time and effort to maintain and update so I just can't do it for free with so many projects to do in real life that I needs to do too. It's just sad seeing 3-4 people purchasing and some has over 100 downloads, very sad. :frowning2:
    As for improvements with advanced ROM, you get better much sound quality (so far everyone loves it), better device performance, and probably better battery life too. I'm currently uploading ROM for today's customers right now. :)
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  3. WindowsX
    I received Calyx M ROM order today. Thank you for your purchase. However, there's no registered Head-Fi name in order so please PM me your Head-Fi name so I can upload and send the ROM to the right person. :)
  4. noplsestar

    As I don´t listen to metal it´s probably better to ask someone else for further suggestions and synergies. I haven´t heard the IEMs you mentioned so alas I can´t comment on them in comparison to the ones I´ve heard. I wish you good luck and all the best so you find the "right" IEM match for this beautiful sounding DAP.
  5. Barra
    Not overly portable, but the HEX is stunning with it.
  6. Audio Addict Contributor

    That would be me. I have it installed, at least I think I do and remounting my two memory cards.
  7. noplsestar

    When it's correctly installed there is a windows x logo at the start up.
  8. WindowsX
    If you see Fidelizer logo during startup, it means the ROM is installed correctly. Happy listening with improved performance and sound quality. :)
  9. Audio Addict Contributor

    It was there this morning when I booted it at work. Listening right now with 64 Audio U4SE and very engaging musically.
  10. WindowsX
    I'm glad to hear that. It sounds much more musical and engaging while also being more revealing for analytical listener at the same time. :)
  11. Audio Addict Contributor

    I used my JH 13 Pro this morning. Sounded even better. The thing I noted was it seems warmer while playing while I thought it extended the battery life a little.
  12. WindowsX
    Glad to hear it also prolong battery life too. It probably could save more with battery optimization script. :)
  13. Audio Addict Contributor

    I thought it came with that latest change.
  14. WindowsX
    It came with latest changes but I didn't include battery saving script for better sound quality. :)
  15. Audio Addict Contributor

    I have used it enough to judge the battery impact. I just noticed the case seems warmer, which usually means shorter battery life.

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