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$999 Calyx M with DXD + DSD, 64GB + SD + µSD storage

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by seeteeyou, Oct 28, 2013.
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  1. seeteeyou
  2. CosmicHolyGhost
    Looks like Sabre implementation
    For this price point.. It should be considered as TOTL DAP... Interested
  3. Mimouille
    First pictures on their FB page:
  4. musicday
    I like the concept.
    Is the graphic good?
    Why such a big screen unless is for internet.
  5. tomscy2000
    The pricing and THD+N measurements feel like a big middle finger directed right at iRiver. Just sayin'. This thing beats the AK120 on features, specs, and price.
    Well, the output voltage is really low, which may account for the superiority of the THD+N, though, so more evidence is necessary. Calyx has ample experience with ESS chipsets (AFAIK, all of their products use them), however, so I trust that they'll do a good job. Low output voltage isn't a bad thing for IEM users, though.
    Astell&Kern still has the cleaner and more consistent overall design philosophy, but everyone's tastes are different. I quite like these renders of the Calyx M myself.
    Too bad I'm not really into "premium" DAPs.
  6. Mimouille
    With something so thin I am more worried about the amp.
  7. tomscy2000

    Usually, capacitors take up the most space (everything else should be fine with good quality SMD components). I think there's enough room for some nice capacitors to fit, if not quite Sony levels of Sanyo OS-CAP obsessiveness. If you're thinking about how it compares to the HM-901, there's actually a lot of "wasted space" in the 901 to make it modular enough to accept different amp cards and that massive battery.
    Besides, what's there to worry about? It's not like you're about to run an LCD-3 off that thing. Your 1Plus2 will run fine. [​IMG]
  8. Mimouille

    Even with iems, I found that brick daps with a true amp (901, DX100) sound better and have more authority than more compact DAPs (AK100 and 120 and the like). The only exception is the Tera, but it still lacks power.
  9. tomscy2000

    Well, let's hope that Calyx comes through with its speaker pedigree.
  10. Mimouille
    Between this and the ZX1, if I find a DAP that is as good as the 901 in terms of SQ or almost as good, but with a great UI and at least 10 hours of battery, I will be happy. And by happy I mean VERY happy. But honestly, once you have heard the 901, it is hard to listen to something that sounds less good.
  11. tomscy2000
    I've heard the 901 with an RE-600. It does sound excellent, but I've only heard it with the balanced card, so it's not an accurate take on how it sounds in general. I have not heard the IEM card, but I do know it's SMD components all around --- very few "large" components IIRC.
    Mostly, however, I find the UI and general shape to be quite clunky. It doesn't at all feel like something I'd ever take outdoors. I find the X3 a bit bulky already, so I'm more than willing to sacrifice SQ for portability. This one looks like it's a nice combination of everything. I have my heart set on the NW-F886 already, though (supposed massive inferiority compared to the ZX1 and all). I actually have a special pouch that I use with my messenger bag shoulder strap to carry DAPs in, but it only works with thin DAPs like the iPod Touch and F880.
  12. CosmicHolyGhost
    Guys, where can I see the features of this DAP?
  13. Mimouille
    @Tom...I hear you...I use the Tera on the go and the 901 mostly at my desk. But the 901 works on the go just fine as it has physical buttons and is quite robust.

    @Cosmic, all the features we know of are on the first post.
  14. musicday
    Not a single DAP can beat Tera on the go.
    Is just amazing !
  15. woodcans
    Like I need another sub!!
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