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9/13/14 Lawrence, Kansas Headfi meeting Impression.

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  1. newmarko
    WOW ... great phones and amps.also i saw Dream Theater new album on the table... it must sound awesome on that gear! Do you have any headamp that can handle 6 ohms regime headphones?
  2. mrscotchguy

    You certainly did... Totally missed it. Cheers :beerchug:
  3. Thujone
    I wish I would have had a chance to listen to some of these, it looks like you guys are doing some cool stuff!
  4. gmahler2u
    update on next meeting.
    We might have loan gears from Cavalli audio,  I just talked to Alex.  I'll update more about this later.
  5. Thujone
    Oh myyyyy
  6. mrscotchguy

    ^ what he said!
  7. gmahler2u
    this is what he said!
    Hi James. Thanks for writing.
    It can be difficult to go to all of the small headfi meets, but sometimes I can send equipment if there is someone who will watch over it, take care of it, and send it back. :)
    How many folks do you usually have at these events??
    And…I’ve been to Lawrence quite a few times, stayed there about 4 or 5 times on road trips to various places. So I know your town pretty well.
  8. stevovee
    finally got the second one of my prototypes I meant to bring to the meetup ready to go. Its a deluxe version of my CMOY amps, has an 18v power supply, two selectable gain settings, a bigger/higher grade capacitor on the power supply and a nice acrylic enclosure instead of a mint tin.
  9. 2K9R56S
    'gmahler2u' is banned/account deactivated?  Anyone know what happened?
  10. Maxvla Contributor
    Looks like he requested it. Staff won't tell you anything regarding bans. Best to move on.
  11. 2K9R56S
    "Best to move on."
    Really?  So the incredibly nice guy who organized our first ever Head-Fi meet closes his account without notice and you're not the least bit curious and/or concerned?
  12. Maxvla Contributor
    It happens fairly regularly on enthusiast boards. People ask for their accounts to be suspended so they are less able to participate, and thus be ensnared by the latest, greatest, and end up buying things they can't/won't afford.
  13. Thujone
    Looks pretty slick! What kind of battery life can you count on?
  14. Thujone
    I think he can still send/receive PMs, I may be wrong though.
  15. stevovee
    with the single 9v version i get 40-50 hours per alkaline, or about half that for a rechargeable nimh.  This version should be very similar as the current draw is pretty much the same, the higher voltage just gives much more headroom and allows the op amp to operate with a higher voltage swing if necessary.
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