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#808Day: V-MODA Joins Forces With Roland

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 8, 2016.
  1. NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.
    More than ten years ago, Val Kolton called me to introduce himself and his company V-MODA--they've come a long way since then. Roland of Japan took notice, and decided to join forces with V-MODA, which is being officially announced today. We had a chance to talk to Val Kolton (CEO of V-MODA) in New York City (just before he headed out to Japan for the announcement), and he told us about how this deal came to be, and what it means for the future of Roland and V-MODA.

    Products mentioned in the video:

    1. V-MODA LP over-ear headphone
    2. V-MODA LP2 over-ear headphone
    3. V-MODA XS on-ear headphone
    4. V-MODA M-80 on-ear headphone
    5. V-MODA M-100 over-ear headphone
    6. Roland TR-8 rhythm performer
    7. Roland TB-3 bass synthesizer
    8. Roland TR-808 rhythm performer


    #808Day: V-MODA Joins Forces With Roland - An Interview With V-MODA CEO Val Kolton - Head-Fi TV produced by Joseph Cwik and Jude Mansilla
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  2. warrenpchi Administrator
    Congratulations Val!  [​IMG]
  3. griff2
    The video (of the interview) looks to either been shot using log coding (Sony slog 2/3 maybe) which has not been fully corrected or has been shot correctly but then imported into the video editor with incorrect clip attributes set: I'm thinking of Davinci Resolve's clip attributes where maybe the video clip attributes should have been set to Video 64-940 rather than "auto".
    I'm leaning to the former (slog not fully corrected) or maybe it was an attempt at being artistic, using high dynamic range log curves which are now prevalent on many YouTube music videos, to give the video a washed-out funky look..  Whatever, I found it distracting and, personally, would have preferred a more conventional video technique which would have integrated better with the cut scenes of the gear which did not use HDR techniques.
  4. jude Administrator
    Actually, @griff2, the answer is pretty simple: It was a last-minute trip (flight booked Thursday, shot on Friday), and @joe was on vacation. (joe shoots all our video.) I'm definitely more a photography guy than a videography guy (to say the least). So I brought the camera, the tripod, the mics, and the audio recorder to NYC and shot it myself. I admit I was just kind of dead-reckoning my way through it--just moving dials around, and pressing buttons, until it wasn't too dark. Admittedly, my colorblindness probably didn't help much either, nor did the fact that I didn't bring any lighting of my own.
    It's possible, then, that your assessment is dead-on to the numbers and terminology, resulting from my own random fumbling. Either way, I have no idea what anything in your post meant. [​IMG] 
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  5. griff2
    No problems, I'm a photography oriented person too, but I do like taking videos too.
  6. Gilly87
    Congrats Val! Can't wait for 9/09...my interest is certainly piqued!
  7. third_eye Moderator
    Congrats Val!
  8. RedJohn456
    Oh snap means V-moda has got the resources to bring out some amazing gear :) Does anyone know if the Roland M100 Aira is tuned differently than the Regular M100?
    Edit: @valkolton Is the Aira tuned different than the M100? Thanks in advance and congratulations!
  9. TRapz
    This seems pretty cool! I'm play synthesizers myself and I've got a lot of respect for Roland gear. Seeing a good headphone brand pair up with a good synthesizer brand seems like a great combo.
  10. phase0
    I have a lot of love for Roland classics. TB-303, TR-808/909, Juno 106, Jupiter 8, MKS-50, etc etc... I don't really know much about V-Moda but will have to give them a listen at the next CanJam. I hope the partnership means great things both for the Head-Fi crowd as well as the pro-audio music producer crowd. Looking forward to 9/9 too :)
  11. nraymond
    The Roland RH-A30 are the best headphones I've ever heard (much better than any V-Moda's I've heard...) Hopefully this won't mean the end of Roland's headphone line, and maybe Roland can help V-Moda make some more studio/reference grade headphones (I do like V-Moda's build quality).
  12. mayorblurps
    I wonder if the tuning, sound wise is any different?? Like the logo!

  13. ColdFlo
    Was he hurting for money, maybe loans were calling not reaching expectations...? Seems like the brand was doing well..... not sure it was smart to sell controlling stake at this point in time when this brand is poised to blow up...............?  Sorry but I'm not going to sugarcoat my response.......... but we are missing information here......  I have 2 M-80s, M-100, and XS.  They keep getting better V-Moda is the god EDM phone but the T50RP is better for general computer usage Internet Calls, Ingame Voice Chat, Overall Speed, and good fast drivers with punch.  The XS were definitely a step in the right direction tho can't wait for the Full Size with the precision of the XS quality control also top notch but the M-100s are very poor for internet voice communication.... their major weakness...  Still these are my favorite headphones in the sub 300 range......
  14. Gilly87
    From the sound of the interview, he has some ideas for new products that he is working with Roland on; my guess is it's something of big enough scope that he needed a larger, very well-funded/connected partner in order to make it happen.
    Very curious to see where this goes.
    Shout out to Val and all the best for your future endeavors with Roland and of course to Jude and Head-Fi for bringing this to the people. For me, the V-MODA form factor is the best for outdoor use because it sticks close to the head and doesn't have that Optimus Primes arm look on top of your head lol. Sound sig is all good to, I have no complaints. Sadly, its time to hand down my M100 to my daughter. So now I get purchase something new to fill the gap of the M100 for cruising the mean streets and general outdoors use. Any good reviews of the AIRA about besides the visual review on you tube. I'd rather upgrade if the AIRA fits the bill, sidegrade to the M100 wireless, or even RHA T20 iem......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hoping the AIRA is a good upgrade.

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