7506 vs. v6?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lippy, Apr 10, 2004.
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  1. Lippy
    Are these really and truly the same headphones?

    Which specific Beyer pads have people placed on these?

  2. go_vtec Contributor
    Yes, except for the gold plug and price tag.

    Do a search for more detail, but here is
    one for you.

  3. Lippy
    Much thanks!
  4. TheSonicTruth
    I just found this out the hard way: I finally decided to finally replace the worn-out earpads on my 7506s with the V6 ear pads I ordered from SONY, no less, four years ago. I stretched and strained like HELL and there was no way these things were going on the 7506s. Conclusion? The MDR-V6 and MDR-7506 may both be great, legendary headphones, but their ear pieces, the oblong flat elements to which the drivers are attached, are NOT the same exact size. There are probably other areas in which both headphones are not the same exact size.

    The 7506 earpiece are a couple mm. bigger than those on the V6, so while a 7506 pad will probably fit on the V6 with little effort, the opposite is not the case. Lesson learned the hard way: Order replacement pads DIRECTLY FROM SONY, and make sure they send you pads specifically for your model headphone. I remember now, years later, the Sony parts guy telling me over the phone "I don't have pads in stock specifically for the 7506, but I have V6 pads which should be fine". My fault for taking the chance and ordering them. Same principle: a Taurus air filter will NOT fit in a Mustang just because they are both Fords!
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  5. Cruelhand Luke
  6. Cruelhand Luke
    just, wow.
  7. Music Alchemist
    I owned both and they definitely sound different, though they are mostly the same. The V6 is a bit warmer and darker, but both are very lean and bright.

    Click here for measurements to see what I mean: http://en.goldenears.net/4726
  8. TheSonicTruth

    I am not referring to any sonic differences, just physical characteristics. The pads I got from Sony themselves said MDR-V6 and a part number on the packaging. They will NOT fit 7506 earpieces. There are loads of aftermarket pads out there that say 7506-V6 in their descriptions on Amazon. I will try one of the pairs that has better reviews.
  9. TheSonicTruth
  10. Cruelhand Luke
    Don't worry about it.
    But, the best pads for the 7506 (if you can find them) are the stock pads off of the Fidelio L2...I tried a lot of different pads and the Fidelio pads are magic with the Sonys.
  11. TheSonicTruth

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    I still believe stock Sony pads for the 7506 exist somewhere in this world. I have two 7506 headphones, one I bought new off Amazon 7 years ago, and one I bought last month at Guitar Centers. Both Thailand made so I'm sure the ones I bought off Amazon are not suitcase version.

    From constant use on and off my head the pads have since worn out on my older pair, and I can hear a HUGE difference between them and the new pair, especially in the deep bottom end. The new pair are a tad tighter sonically, probably since they *are* new, but beyond that bottom end difference, they are similar.

    We'll see what comes from BSW(Broadcast Supply Worldwide) next week, pads part number is supposedly unique to 7506, and hopefully they'll slip right on, not like the V6 pads I tore up trying to fit on the 7506 earpieces. :rolling_eyes:
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  12. TheSonicTruth

    So the pads arrived from BSW yesterday, and guess what: the SAME DAMM V6 pads as I go from Sony 6 years ago now. Just a couple mm. too small all around to fit the 7506 headpieces.

    BSW's customer service rep:
    "The Distributor part # for the Sony X21131241 ear pads that you
    ordered is 211566803. BSW has sold hundreds of these, and have
    not been made aware of any issues. Due to these ear pads not being
    satisfactory for your MDR7506 headphone, please keep them and I
    will have your credit card credited for this purchase today.

    Moral of the story: If you want genuine replacement MDR-7506 earpads, buy another set of MDR-7506 phones. I'm not going aftermarket! Keep one set for your production work, and the other for casual listening, so you're not using one pair all the time.
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  13. Cruelhand Luke
    It really feels like you are making a mountain out of a molehill.
    Just yesterday I received three different sets of pads and swapped them around on four different headphones and in ALL cases you have to stretch the pads to get them on...sometimes A LOT of stretching and heating of the pads to make them more malleable and then MORE stretching and struggling.
    You say the pads are only a couple of mm off, but those pads have several mm of stretch in them. I would bet money that you just need to work at it, and patiently work the pads and they will fit.
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  14. TheSonicTruth
    This is kind of the effect of trying to put these pads on the 7506:


    Stretching a 13-14" tire onto a 15" wheel or rim!

    Not only does it look *off*, but your outer ears may not fit comfortably between the pads and the fabric covering the drivers.
    Not a problem with the pads that came originally on the 7506 OOB.

    That's the problem with this new generation, trying to make anything work with anything, specs be damned.
  15. Cruelhand Luke
    @TheSonicTruth Do you have a picture of the headphones with these stretched out pads I'm curious to see what you are talking about?
    Also, why are you so dead set on getting the exact same stock pads when there are SO MANY aftermarket pads that fit the Sonys and improve the fit and the sound? As I said, the L2 pads are stellar on the Sonys...but they are hard to get.
    I would consider the NVX SPT flat pads, those were my second choice...they are very soft and comfortable, kinda like the stock pads but with a much more 'quality' feel, and they fit around the ear as opposed to being flat on the ear like the stock ones.
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