70% pop,rnb,rock,trance 30% jazz,classical = which amp?
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Jun 18, 2005
Hey guys, after spending 9 months in this forum I have experienced lot about sound its qualities. So far, I have bought the Av-710 sound card as my computer source out to a pa2v2 then into my ksc-75's or MS-1's.

As the title says, my music preferences are very wide. By the end of this year I'm planning to get myself a mid-high end setup to end it up (yeah right.). In the meantime, I might get an amp to start it off. What would be a great amp + headphone for these types of genres?

I was wondering a HD650 + either MF x-can v3 or a Dared MP5 would please my requirements. The MP5 would give all the eye candy and versatility with my bookshelf mini setup, but maybe not enough to drive the HD650. The MF X-can can drive it, but i'm not sure how it will sound with my genre of music. The reason I chose these is because of the availability of the stock in Australia. I don't want to order anything overseas due to the hassle of customs/shipping. Overall, my requirements is a very versatile circumaural headphone + amp and some eye candy to glance at.

I appreciate all of you who took time reading this post and your opinions are well and truly considered.


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