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70$ IEM's, looking for a very specific sound signature

  1. yossi_s1
    So the left side on my sony EX-51 died, such a shame, i really liked them.
    I moded my 51 to to improve the SQ and suit my style better, i sealed the holes until i got the result i wanted on the low end and replaced the paper cover on the tip.
    SQ wasn't a strong point of the 51's, treble was pretty harsh and mid were too recessed, kinda the back, hard to notice.
    but the signature was pretty much how i like it, thats why i still liked them a lot.
    starting from the low end i like bass that goes low and very deep, i like it puncy and very boomy, I hate when the bass is mudded and bloated.
    I dont know if im a bass-head or not but a good bass is very important to me, at some points the 51's really made me feel like my ears are vibrating, and still without being too bloated warm or muddy, the bass didnt take control of the sound at all.
    I listen mostly to metal and rock, but i do have a few other genres on my list and i want the IEM to sound good on those too.
    My source btw is an iphone 4, not using EQ, i liked the EQ be4 they changed it, used treble booster, back then it was amplifying, now its de-amplifying... dont like the result so im not using it anymore.
    the mid bass area is also very important, all the heavy distorted guitars are there and i like the sound of it, lots of energy goes in there in heavy metal.
    for the lower end of the sound i can also say that i prefer a cold and dark sound then warm and bright.
    now, for the mids.
    one of the worst things for me in an IEM is when the mids take over the sound (ill add something on the pl50 later to explain it even more), when the mids takes over the sound i feel like all the energy and darkness is taken away from my metal, all the brutality is gone and i dont like it.
    higher mids are very important, and the same concept goes for the high end, i like both of these sparkly, full of energy, razor sharp, not smooth, this is where some of the most amazing sounds are in.
    i think thats about it when it comes to the signature i want.
    now i will give real life examples of what i mean.
    1st ill start with the ex51, they were moded, so these or not original.
    the low end was perfect! i wrote at the start why.
    mids, not too good, they were too much at the back, so vocals didnt shine very much and a few other sounds BUT this was a small price to pay, i much prefer it that way that the mids dont take over, and even tho i missed those mids i still enjoyed it how it was.
    in the high end they had no problem getting really high, and how i like it, very sharp and sparkly, problem was they were harsh, many times way too much, but ones again this was fine with me, if thats what it takes to sound the way i want then im happy.
    ill still try to fix those, its a cord issue, im not sure ill be able to tho.
    moving on,
    PL50, i bought them back when every1 really got excited about them, i wanted to try them.
    these, while offering a pretty good SQ, were not my taste at all!!! i didnt like them!
    they were mid centric and i expressed why i dont like that.
    not enough high for me, and not enough bass.
    totaly not my taste.
    last example: image s4
    my friend have a those and i tried them for a few hours.
    SQ is great on those and i really liked them. so far the are the best contender to replace my ex51
    but they are not perfect.
    on the low end, bass is pretty good on quality. but not quite the way i like it, its too bloated for me, too dominant
     for me, too warm and smooth, its not crazy bad, i mean its not very far from where i want it to be, its just not quite it.
    mids is where these are perfect for me! sweet and noticeable without taking over the sound! just perfect
    high mids and high's are a let down for me on these, not going very high, not very detailed not sprakly or energtic enough, lots of room for improvement there.
    i always tend to compare everything to my home system which is perfect in my opinion, i use lots of EQ, i dont like flat sound, i like to make it sound like how i want. im adding some of my eq settings for u to look at, i love my eq, making everything sound much more energtic and powerful.
    im sorry for the bible i wrote here but im so picky :\
  2. Negakinu
    To me it sounds like you'll love the Hippo VB or the Copper Turbines. 
    I listen to a lot of (extreme) metal too but I'm looking for a totally different sound signature for this music. I like a detailed and transparant IEM like the RE0 or, even better, the DBA-02. For me, metal is about the details and the mid/higher frequencies. Not about the bass. :) 
  3. yossi_s1
    Thanks for your comment! i will check reviews on those!
    for now, image s4, while not perfect are a good option and from the reviews the nuforce 6 or 7 might fit as well, ill check out reviews on the ones you mentioned.
    it would be interesting to listen to the RE0, i never tried anything like them, but i did try the PL50 and didnt like them, and they are said to be balanced.
    i agree that high's are very important to metal, but too much mid kills it for me, dunno why.
    and metal is not in the bass.... but the double bass drum is :)) and heavy dist :p generally i would say that i dont like bass, but when listening to a balanced IEM's i feel its not there at all and i dont like that, and still i hate massive amounts of bass, im looking for clarity :p
    s4 have too much bass for me for example
    looking for more opinions! and maybe to rule out some models to make it easier.
  4. Negakinu
    Reading your comment, I really believe you should focus on the Hippo VB first. Check out some reviews here on Head-Fi! :) Good luck! 
    To quote the Anythingbutipod review:
    "They have exceptionally deep, punchy bass response without muddying the rest of the audio spectrum, slightly forward midrange, and decent yet slightly forward treble. All in all, the VB present a more or less “flat” frequency response according to a human equal-loudness contour – contrary to a theoretically “flat” response, as often seen with other phones’ deceptive graphs and tech specs. The VB sound just about right..."
  5. yossi_s1
    OK, Hippo VB are on their way to me. 79$... a little more then what i wanted to spend but still seems like a good price, mic for my iphone would have been nice but not really needed.
    I use to really attach to things i like, and the same applies with my ex51, I hope Ill love the VB and happly leave the sony behind :), this wont be easy.
  6. Negakinu
    Be sure to write down your impressions here. Also, give them some time. Burn 'em in for 48 hours with some of your favourite music and give your brain some time to adjust to their sound signature, Before you start listening, make sure your mp3 files are 320kbps and disable all audio enhancements in the program you use on your Iphone. Try the neutral, stock sound first. Also, the VB has a tuneable bassport. Mess around with it! :) Enjoy!

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