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6SN7 Tube Addicts

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  1. cddc
    ECC32 is NOT a 6SN7 tube!

    If memory serves, ECC32 runs on 0.9A heater current and 6SN7 only 0.6A. So ECC32 draws much more heater current - make sure if you amp transformer can handle the extra current draw before sticking any ECC32 tube into your 6SN7 amp, or else your amp transformer will be fried.

    That being said, my amp has the extra capacity, welcome to send them over :wink:
  2. ken6217
    I understand that. The amp manufacturer said it does take ECC32 tubes.

    I sent them back.
  3. cddc
    Yes, then again ECC32 is not 6SN7. Other than extra current draw, it has higher gain than 6SN7, which could lead to different bias to 300B and result in a totally different sound.
  4. ken6217
    That was the idea. :)

    Oh well, I guess I’m stuck with my lowly TS black glass round plate 6SN7GT :)
  5. MasonStorm
    In the spirit of people being warned about the higher current draw of the ECC32 (0.95A), I wanted to warn everyone about the EVEN HIGHER current draw of the BL63/VR102 tubes. I read earlier in this forum that a few people have been using them in place of a 6SN7, so a few months ago I found some for sale on eBay from the seller totempole_999 in India, and by tubeflex5688 in Taiwan. (Note that both of them are still listing this tube as a 6SN7 equivalent.) I used them intermittently in my Woo WA-234's: never particularly taken with them, and over time, they actually sounded worse. Only yesterday, I read online at http://www.r-type.org/exhib/aaa0300.htm that these tubes actually have a heater current of 1.3A!!!!! Woo told me that the 0.95A ECC32 was okay to use, but it's hard for me to believe that a 1.3A tube is okay. Hope none of us have damaged our amps (shortened their useful life) by using VR102's :triportsad:
    cddc likes this.
  6. ken6217
    I decided to sell my tube amp. I have a couple of matched pairs of NOS Tung Sol Black Glass Round Plates, and Brimar CV1988 brown base. All have low hours and test strong. If anyone is interested, PM me.
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