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6SN7 Tube Addicts

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  1. leftside
    Meant to be the best tube tester out there. A couple of my friends swear by them. Can't answer your question I'm afraid, but interested in your feedback the more you use the tester.
  2. cddc

    Nice picture, buddy!

    May I ask: how is the bass performance on your 5998 vs 7236 when paired with HD800?

    I stuck a RCA 6AS7G in my Crack, and was quite disappointed with its weak bass on HD800. A lot of people prefer 5998 on their HD650s, but I think HD650 has a strong bass performance itself and needs no bass boost. HD800 on the other hand is relatively weak in the bass department and need some compensation in the area. So far I'm happy with my 7236 to pair with HD800, but not sure if switching to a 5998 will boost or reduce the bass on HD800 (vs. 7236).
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  3. L0rdGwyn
    Hey cddc - unfortunately, I don't own the HD800 anymore or a 7236, or else I would give them a quick listen and let you know. From memory, I think the 7236 and 5998 are pretty similar when it comes to perceived frequency response. I have not known the 5998 to be a warm tube with accentuated bass, I would say most consider it to be neutral with a slightly accentuated top end. What you will get going from a 7236 to a 5998 is better bass articulation, and a wider soundstage. The 5998 is one of the lowest distortion output tubes you can put in the Crack and gives some of the best technical performance. In my opinion, unless you are on a strict budget, it is worth trying the 5998.

    May I ask what driver tube you are using? I mostly roll 6SN7s, although I do have some 12AU7, 6F8G, and 12BH7s I have used. My experience rolling tubes in the Crack is the driver is a bit more responsible for the character of the sound, while the output has more influence on the technicalities (soundstage, imaging, resolution). Obviously they both contribute, but not equally in my opinion. A warmer driver tube might help the HD800s low end, and a 5998 would get you better technical performance, if you think you want it! Hope that helps.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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  4. cddc
    Super, thanks a lot.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
  5. L0rdGwyn
    Glad to help, hopefully someone can give you a more direct comparison. Perhaps ask on the BHC thread. The RCA VT-231 gray glass is definitely characterized as a warm-leaning tube, maybe it will solve your issue :)
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  6. cddc
    Yep, can't wait to hear the RCA VT231 :beerchug:
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  7. L0rdGwyn
    Another 6SN7 you might like cddc is the Ken-Rad VT-231, well known for its bass.
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  8. cddc
    Great, thanks a lot for the recommendation! :)
  9. cddc
  10. cddc
    My Sylvania 6SN7 also has this angled black T-plates, but mine has more headroom between the top mica and glass, and top getter instead of side getter.
  11. whirlwind
    @cddc if you are looking for a good Tung Sol 6SN7 tube, look for one with black glass and round plates.

    Like this....this is a Tung sol black glass with round plates and oval mica, rebranded by RCA.....this is the best sounding Tung Sol 6SN7 tube in my opinion
    They can be quite pricey unless you can find a rebranded one for less like this one.

    DSC08320.JPG DSC08322.JPG

    I am not sure what amp you own, if your amp can use 12SN7 tubes you will probably be able to find one much cheaper.
    Do not get a 12SN7 tube unless you are positive your amp can use them.

    The RCA pictured above is actually a 12SN7 tube.....but the construction is identical to the 6SN7
  12. cddc
    Thanks a lot for the recommendations, @whirlwind!

    I have an RCA VT-231 with smoke glass en route to me. Will see how it performs.

    My amp only takes 6.3V heater tubes, so I'm afraid 12SN7 won't work in my amp. But I will keep an eye open on these Tung Sol or RCA black glass tubes with internal structure similar to the one you recommended.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
  13. ken6217
    This may be a dumb question, but then again in this hobby commonsense often goes out the window. :)

    Are there any advantages of tube savers, and does it alter the sound at all?
  14. Robert Padgett
    If you mean socket savers---they elevate the tube up out of the chassis, which may provide better cooling. They are straight wire connection from the socket to pin, so it should affect the sound at all.
  15. ken6217
    Yes, that's what I mean. Th reason I'm asking is because I was going to buy a nice sounding pair of Mullard ECC32 and the guy emailed to me the following:

    "The tube on the left had the pin broken off when I received the tube so I put on a replacement pin. The tube on the right had a pin that slightly wobbled and since this was my tube I reinforced it with epoxy which I really didn't need to do but I'm a perfectionist."

    I have purchased tubes from him before and I trust him, but I was worried what if the pin broke off and got lodged in the socket. At least if it did it would do so in the socket saver and not in my amp.

    Any opinions on the pin situation itself?

    Thanks a lot.
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