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6SN7 Tube Addicts

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  1. Wes S
    I was gonna say the same thing.
  2. Velozity
  3. Wes S
  4. James Shoegazer
    Hello I have a general question about tubes and wondering if any tube experts could comment on this:
    Around what is the recommended humidity to keep tubes in a drybox? I own a bunch of 6SN7, 6Ak5 and 6DX8
  5. rosgr63
    I would say if you can keep them around 50% they should be fine.
    Silica gel will also help.
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  6. VandyMan
  7. gibosi
    Just to be clear... Western Electric never manufactured the 6SN7, so no, these cannot be called WE replicas. And no, the WE421A is not equivalent to the 6SN7 as the Psvane site claims. The WE421A is a souped up 5998, which is in turn a souped up 6AS7, with a 2.4 amp heater as opposed to 0.6 amp for the 6SN7.


    Since they are calling these "WE6SN7Plus", I have to assume that they are equivalent to the 6SN7 and they have 0.6 amp heaters, not 2.4 amp heaters. But unfortunately, I can't find a datasheet on their site.
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  8. VandyMan
    I don't know all that much about the subject. Shuguang calls them replicas; sorry if I repeated something that was not correct. I think the PSVane website I linked has an honest description:

    "Well, seems ‘WE replica’ has been a theme for tube manufacturers from China. But this one is not an exact replica of Western Electric 421A (equivalent to 6SN7); instead it is a ‘plus’ version with slightly different structure – for example, getter for absorbing gas is installed on the top of the tube, which result in the majority of the tube glass body is see-through transparent."

    If anyone wants them at a big discount, msg me. I thought it would be fun to try, but they did not fit my amp (too wide).
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  9. attmci
    You must have a WOO WA5 LE amp from WOO Audio?

    WE421 is a power tube, and 6sn7 is a driver tube. Totally different structure/spec.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  10. VandyMan
    Are you sure about that? Both PSvane and Shuguang say that the WE6SN7 Plus is: Western Electric 421A (equivalent to 6SN7)

    The pin out is exactly the same as my other 6SN7 tubes and it fits in the tube socket without issue. I just can't put both tubes in the amp at the same time because they are just a touch too wide at the center of the tube.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  11. attmci
    We are pretty sure about that.

    I believe the tubes you have are 6SN7s (not WE421A, even the socket will fit both).

    You can buy a couple of socket protectors, and use these tubes in your amp.

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  12. VandyMan
    The tubes I have are 6SN7s, per Shuguang and the model name. I guess the controversy is about Shuguang's claim that the WE421A (which they say the 'WE6SN7 Plus' is based on) is really a 6SN7 equivalent. I hear what you are saying vs what the manufacture and seller claim. I don't know enough about it to have an opinion of my own.

    The problem with using them in my Woo WA5 is that the tubes are a bit wider than typical and the Woo's sockets are close together. Will the socket saver you recommended help with that? From the picture, it looks like it just lifts the tubes up.

    I ended up using a matched pair of Psvane CV181-T II. I'm happy with them so far, but I'm letting them break in before really comparing to the stock tubes.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  13. gibosi
    Again, their site is very misleading. Yes, the pin-out is the same, but the WE421A has a heater that draws 2.4 amps, whereas the 6SN7 has heater that draws only 0.6 amps. There is no way that these tubes can be considered equivalent. In many OTL's, the WE421A is used as an output tube and the 6SN7 is used as a driver.

    As attmci suggests, before selling them, you might want to try socket savers. Since the socket savers will raise them up an inch or so, this just might allow them to fit in your amp without touching the other tubes.
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  14. Ripper2860
    Shu-yuang also states their 'Treasure Series are CV-181, which is incorrect. CV181s have a much higher heater current requirement than 6SN7 and true CV181s would damage many 6SN7-based amps. I don't know why they do that, it just confuses folks to the point where Grant Fidelity even has to clarify that they are actually 6SN7s and not CV181s. Psvane does the same thing marketing their 6SN7 treasure as CV181 TII. :rolling_eyes:
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  15. L0rdGwyn
    Just won a tube package online auction for ¥1,100 (~$10 USD), which includes this:


    Seller had no means to test for operation. If it works, it will be the best deal I have gotten in my tube life.
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