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6SN7 Tube Addicts

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  1. Ripper2860
    Whew. I was concerned it may have been a counterfeit. The seller posted and sold it as a GT, so the price was not that of a typical W. And yes. that is a 5 on the etching.

    Once again -- many thanks!!
  2. TheSnafu
    Hi, nice setup :thumbsup:

    How where they in longer run, did you experience any problems with them ?

    Thanks :beerchug:
  3. Scutey
    Thanks! I've had no problems with them, dead silent, fairly neutral, airy, detailed, wide soundstage, I use them with Tung Sol 5998 which gives a very nice balanced sound.
  4. FindingNewSound
    This question might have been asked before, but is there any difference between a clear and black glass Kenrad vt-231? Also, I found one black glass that is branded US NAVY CKR-6SN7GT, date code E3, is this the same as vt-231? Thanks!
  5. gibosi
    The correct answer is yes and no. :)

    GE purchased Ken-Rad's tube operation in January, 1945, and naturally, over time, changes were made.

    The original war-time Ken-Rad 6SN7 had what are often described as "staggered plates." That is, the parallel ladder plates are installed at an angle relative to the top and bottom micas. The black glass version and clear glass version with this construction sound the same. In the later GE-influenced version, the plates are installed inline with the top and bottom micas. These sound different and many believe inferior to the originals.

    What is printed on the base is of no real importance. Look for staggered plates.

    Clear glass, staggered plates

    2018-08-21 12.05.49.jpg

    These two threads can be very helpful:


    Last edited: Aug 21, 2018
  6. attmci
    True. :)
  7. attmci
    True. :)

    None-staggered = GE 6SN7GT
  8. FindingNewSound
  9. TheSnafu
    Got a pair of these today: NU 6SN7GT ( U.S. NAVY CNU 6SN7GT made in U.S.A. , GU both ), just warming them up. Looks like unused. Scratches on coating you see are inside, tubes itself are ok.
    A tad microphonic when tapping harder to the top, very low noise floor except when choosing amps source when relay snaps and that echoes through from speakers very slightly.
    Sound is very nice and balanced, need to burn them in for a while and then sit down to listen them ( preamp is Coplad CTA-301 mkII ).
    Pair of Psvanes mentioned above are in mail, will get them later this/next week.

    SOLD, 60€ pair.

    NU 6SN7GT a.jpg 6SN7GT b.jpg 6SN7GT c.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  10. Scutey
    Nice looking pair of tubes you have there!, narrowly missed out on a pair a couple weeks ago, hopefully one day I'll be able to get some, enjoy!.
  11. m17xr2b
    Does anyone know if there are any MOV valves with a foil getter like sylvania? I have a 6SN7 marked gecovalve which should be MOV but the foil getter confuses me since I've only seen inverted cup, rectangular and halo on the british tubes.
  12. gibosi
    Now that you mention it, I have never seen a foil getter on any British valve. Which leads me to wonder if your Gecovalve was in fact manufactured elsewhere....
    Ripper2860 likes this.
  13. m17xr2b
    So in actual fact it's a ken rad tube. I've seen Sylvania British branded tubes but this is my first ken rad.
  14. attmci
    Picture please?
  15. koven Contributor
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