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6SN7 Tube Addicts

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  1. Scutey
    Hi @L0rdGwyn,
    Hi @L0rdGwyn,

    That seller use to sell them in pairs until Christmas, I think he now sells them in quads because of postage costs.

    About five months ago I bought a Feliks Elise tube amp and started reading and posting on the Elise Head-Fi thread, @mordy, one of the guys who regularly posts on that thread who is well respected for his views/reviews comments etc recommended them as being very good, so I bought a pair, and imo he was right, personally I haven't found a 6sn7 type that betters it.

    As for the narrow date range, I think 52-55 is the years that particular design was in production, and after that they changed the internals and hence a different, and to my ears an inferior sound, I have a pair of double triode Foton's from the following year, 56, and although they look near identical they certainly don't sound it, imo they lack the dynamic sound of the 52-55 ribber anode type.
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  2. L0rdGwyn
    Awesome @Scutey ! Thanks for the tip and the info. I ordered a quad set, I also asked the seller to send tubes from '54 or '55 if possible (could possibly send some from '56). Once I get my amp built, I'll post some impressions against my other 6SN7's :) much appreciated!
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  3. ericr
    Prediction: the 6SN7W wins.
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  4. L0rdGwyn
    Against he Hytron? Or literally everything else?
  5. Scutey
    No problem!, hope you enjoy them!:fingers_crossed:lol, this eBay seller is very accommodating, he recently sent me a quad of the 54 year.

    I'll definitely be interested on your impressions of them!
  6. Scutey
    I'm not going to predict either way, as, of course, choosing, liking tubes is highly subjective, just my opinion! :wink:
  7. L0rdGwyn
    Got my hands on a Ken Rad VT-231 with staggered plates, clear glass for $50 and a 1952 Foton 6N8S per Scutey's recommendation. Gonna go with the four I've got for now, will post some impressions when they arrive and when my Crackatwoa is built (in like, a month LOL).

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  8. Wes S
    I was the bid, you beat, if you won that last night. Nice score!
  9. Wes S
    I found one for the same price, from another seller today. :dt880smile:
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  10. L0rdGwyn
    I'm sorry man! I hate being that guy, but glad you found another for the same price!
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  11. Wes S
    No worries!
  12. TheSnafu
    About socket savers, my pre amps sockets are so close to each other that larger tubes, (like ahem globes), don't fit.
    Anyone know if there are socket savers/something that allows bigger cap than original sockets.

    thanks :nerd:
  13. Scutey
    Some nice acquisitions @L0rdGwyn, hope you enjoy em!:)
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  14. ericr
    Great question.

    Over the Hytron, and the RCA & Ken-Rad VT-231s, mouse ears, as just discussed.

    Haven't heard everything, but yes, over pretty much everything. The Tung-Sol black round plate is close, but with a warm, bass boost tilt to it - and more expensive.

    The 6SN7W black base short bottle are a great value.

    Haven't yet tried a Foton, the rare European (B65, etc.), or the older single triode with a 2 into 1 adapter.

    Actually the early 2 hole Hytron was my favorite before the 6SN7W, it was just light on bass impact.

    YMMV, as all of the above is using my gear and my ears.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
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  15. L0rdGwyn
    Thanks for your thoughts, I'll keep that in mind. I had a chance to listen to the Sylvania 6SN7W in my Crack for about 30 minutes before I sold and shipped it (the tube arrived just as I was packing the amp up). I was impressed by the clarity and detail paired with the Western Electric 421A. From what I've read, seems like 6SN7's can be picky about output tube pairing. Really eager to pop it in the Crackatwoa and roll some output tubes :)
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