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6SN7 Tube Addicts

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  1. thatonenoob
    For sure, the Thomsons reputation precedes itself. Tho some uk sources have almost run out of them. So if you want to u should get on it.
  2. Scutey
    I have found a UK seller so yes, best to get some before they disappear, "he who hesitates is lost". :cry:
  3. thatonenoob
    @Scutey great to hear! Valvetubes seems to still be stocking. :) Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the 6080's. What 6sn7 have your eye atm?
  4. thatonenoob
    Exactly what are these tubes....never heard of CEI before,

  5. Scutey
    @thatonenoob I have a few, in no particular order, Ken Rad VT231 6sn7gt, RCA GT grey glass, Sylvania VT231 GT and GTB and WGTA Tung Sol GTB (old stock) and new stock, Electro Harmonix, which is just a rebadged Tung Sol, Foton 53 Ribber plate 6n8s, and last but not least Shuguang Treasure CV 181-Z (not strictly a 6sn7). I've also have lots of non 6sn7 that I use with adapters in my Elise, I tend to roll my tubes every other day. What about yourself?.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  6. Scutey
    I think CEI stands for Calvert Electronics Inc, seems a lot of there tubes were made at a Mullard factory in India, but I don't know if all there tubes were made by Mullard.
  7. gibosi
    To my knowledge, CEI was not a manufacturer. They sourced tubes from various makers and distributed them under the CEI label. And yes, it does appear that for a while CEI had an agreement to resell Mullard tubes. However, while it is hard to clearly see the construction details in the picture above, to my eyes, that tube appears to be of Russian manufacture.

    Edit: Oh, perhaps it was IEC (International Electric Co., London) that had an agreement to resell Mullard in the US... CEI.... IEC... somewhat confusing... lol :)
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  8. Oskari
    Yes, CEI was Calvert. Philips did help set up BEL tube production in India but you can't really call it a Mullard factory.

    Yes, it was IEC that had the Mullard connection. This was a US company, though, International Electronics Corp.

    A Russian source seems plausible for the CEI tube.

    It's all very complicated… And then there was ICC…
  9. attmci
    See the bottom getter? A Russian tube.

    CEI 6SN7GT.jpg
  10. Scutey
    Guys does anyone out there in Head-Fi land know of any UK, or Europe based sellers of the Shuguang Treasures CV-181-Z ?, I have found sellers for the Psvane CV-181-TMKII, but not the shuggies, all that I have found are either based in Hong Kong or China. Can anyone recommend a seller?.
  11. purehifi192
    Can you go through Grant Fidelity and have them ship to you?
  12. Scutey
    Yes I probably could, only problem is I would incur fairly substantial customs charges, I was hoping there might be somewhere in the UK or Europe that might sell them, the only place seem to be eBay. Thanks for your input!.
  13. purehifi192
    You sure? From http://psvanetube.com/wordpress/psvane_tubes_about_us/ :
    "Please note that when you place an order on this website, your payment is made to Audio For Less Ltd (Hong Kong), a strategic partner of Grant Fidelity out of Hong Kong to provide worldwide order fulfillment. This is necessary in order for tubes clearing customs for export from China. No sales tax is added at the time of purchase as orders shipped from Hong Kong will be taxed at the time of importation at destination country. Such taxes are usually collected at the time of delivery by the courier directly from buyers. Orders from Canadian buyers, if shipped from Grant Fidelity warehouse in Canada will be required to pay GST/HST before shipping. Read more about in’s and out’s of international customs brokerage."

    At the dentist's office so not reading this clearly.
  14. Scutey
    Thanks for the info @purehifi192 , I'll have a look into this.
  15. Oskari
    Have you asked these guys?
    Scutey likes this.
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