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6N1p, 1965, triple mica flat black plate, very rare and NOS

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  1. jamato8 Contributor
    For Sale
    These are NOS, not used but tested and are very rare and hard to find, if not impossible now. These have a triple mica, Very rare flat black plate, military grade and are made in 1965. They are bulk packed for the military so they do not come with individual boxes. Many report these to be excellent sounding and IMO, the best by far of any 6N1p type and of any 6DJ8 type. The tubes are designed for 1000's of hours of use and were built to withstand tremendous shock as they were used in aircraft and on ground military equipment. Each tube is tested by me with the sides normally matching within a percent or so. The testing from the factory was very stringent. 
    This tube can effectively be used where many 6DJ8 types can but the heater current requirement is greater so it is always best to check with the manufacture. 
    $40.00 each with $5.00 for priority shipping CONUS. International, $16.95 Priority mail. 
  2. lofreq64
    Greetings Jamato8,
    PM'd you regarding this tube thanks.
  3. garak7
    Hello Jamato8, PM on its way regarding a possible purchase.
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