6DJ8 / E88CC / 6N23p Telefunken, JJ, Amperex, and Voskhod Tubes for LYR, CTH, Vahalla, and Aune T1

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    I have an assortment of 6DJ8 / E88CC / 6N23p tubes from my days with a LYR2 and Grant Fidelity Tube DAC. Most tubes have minimal hours on them as I mostly used some Orange Globe Amperexes. Although all tubes were purchased with good measurements and matching, like most tube rollers here, I don't have exact measurements of their performance any more and I'm not sure if there's value in listing their original measurements as I've probably listened to most tubes 50 hours to find my favorite pair. Without further ado, here are all the tubes, shipping and paypal fees included. I will deduct $5 if multiple pairs are purchased.

    Voskhod Gray Shield pair $40
    Amperex A-Frame PQ pair $40
    Amperex Holland Halo Getter pair $35
    JJ E88CC Gold Pin pair $20

    Amperex D-getter 1950s single $$$ SOLD
    Telefunken E88CC Slanted Getters pair $$$ SOLD

    IMG_6561.jpg IMG_6559.jpg IMG_6556.jpg IMG_6557.jpg IMG_6555.jpg
    IMG_6552.jpg IMG_6551.jpg IMG_6554.jpg
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  2. brokensound
    some tubes sold off; bump
  3. brokensound
  4. BrokeSkoolBoi
    You're selling a pair of the Amperex A-frame PQ for $40? Those will work on the CTH without an adapter right?
  5. brokensound
    Correct, it uses the 6DJ8 family of tubes.
  6. BrokeSkoolBoi
    I see, I'm interested in buying them. Would you prefer to communicate via email?

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