6922 Tube Review - 17 Top 6922 6N23P E88CC CCa 7308 E188CC tubes

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by rb2013, Mar 31, 2015.
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  1. doraymon
    Yeah there is thread but I opened it recently and it seems my amp is a bit niche because I had no reaction whatsoever. Also, on another thread I found on the amp a few folks dropped some comments but honestly they didn't seem to have listened what they were talking about or at list didn't have much experience with many different tubes.

    I am quire eclectic but mainly classic rock, electronic, folk (mainly female singers) and classical music.

    My preferred sound signature is on the warm side of neutral. At the same time I love micro details, an airy sound and realistic transient reproduction but I am extremely sensitive to sibilance and harsh highs in general.

    I found a good offer on both a pair of Telefunken E88CC and a pair of Siemens E188CC (the second one being 25% cheaper).
    Not sure which of the two will match better my system, I guess I'll have to just... guess...
  2. thecrow
    I dont think ive ever had the siemens e188cc. I do have and love my siemens cca. They have great ounch, great detail and great extension on both top and bottom end. Potentially could be too bright up high if your set up is already close. But agreat tube if it may work. Of the e188cc is a hybrid in sound of the e88cc and cca then that could be good.

    With the teles i cant help there except to say the e188cc is clean, pretty good detail and quite transparent. Potentially lean, depending on your set up. I have often read there is a noticeable difference between the tele e88cc and the e188cc but maybe they could work too.

    Sorry i cant be more help. But it sounds like, that if the tubes are well priced then they would be decent. The siemens I’m guessing/thinking might have a little more weight in sound
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  3. thecrow
    You could also consider the amperex usa 7308 military tubes (usn cep). They are slightly on the warmer side of neutral. Probably a bit more airy (space than the siemens). Nice neutral mids, touch of weight down low but well controlled and some air on the top end that has good extension and i dont find gets too bright or aggressive (like siemens cca).

    Comparable in price. Probably a little less weight on sound than the siemens but a little more air in them.

    All good tubes so down to your personal prefs i think
  4. doraymon
    @thecrow thanks a lot mate.
    I just ordered a pair of perfectly matched Telefunken E88CC.
    My strategy is to get the best of the Germans I can afford and see how do I like them.
    If the highs are too harsh I'll go down the road of warmer sounding tubes (Mullard & Co)
  5. thecrow

    i don't think they should be harsh at all

  6. Whitigir
    Where did you buy the Telefunken at ?
    Have you tried Philips SQ ?
  7. winders
    .....or, you could get 5670 tubes and adapters. I am not lying when I say the best 5670 tubes (e.g., WE JW 2C51 or WE396A) are better than all the 6922 tubes and cost MUCH less.
  8. TK16
    I am a big Mullard, Brimar UK tubes fan but the WE 396A square getters are MUCH better without the negatives of Mullards. They are easily in my top 3 tubes if not the best.
  9. thecrow
    I bought my tele e188cc off an ebay sellee called crumchak and i’ve had no issues at all with them.

    The holland tubes i’ve owned are valvo e188cc which were very good, philips miniwatt ecc88 which were ok but no big deal, my bugle boys were probably better for me - great value (perhaps i expected more from the miniwatt) and my beloved pinch waist valvo e88cc that are (slightly) my preferred tube with my hd800. They are a step up from the e188cc if they fall within one’s budget. The siemens cca are great with my elear
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  10. Whitigir
    Thank you for your respond, that is kinda sad as the Philips SQ are so expensive, just behind the Telefunken Gold pin. Could you find me a link to your eBay seller please. Thanks
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  11. TK16
    Euroclag is a good seller of German tubes, top notch stuff, bit pricey.
  12. gannjunior
    Yes guys would be nice if who found and tested with good results some tubes in the Pathos Aurium could share the specific ebay link of the specific product so we can compare with some other ebay shop (for example I have to found in Europe, like in German for example)

    And would be also nice if who suggested to change the adapter with a linear one or something like this could suggest the specific product name. Just to avoid mistake in buying the products....

    Many many thanks!
  13. thecrow
    I hope this link works. Let me know if it gives my private details away.


    I bought the tubes from him late last year. I believe he had a swag of them. I think he told me he had a guitar/music shop/repair shop.

    He’s been using the same photo everytime i see a listing like this.

    This is the only tele i have ever heard. Having said that my transaction with him was all good. The tubes have been great and i have had no issues at all. The tubes are as others describe these tele e188cc tubes should be
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  14. Whitigir
    Thank you much! I will pm him and see what else he has
  15. doraymon
    The two Telefunken E88CC I bought are perfectly Mu matched (the exact same value) and produced in the Ulm plant in the same day of 1962!
    Not sure if I will be able to appreciate such a fine matching but it feels somehow reassuring...
    Tubes will be with me probably next week.
    Can't wait.
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