6922 Tube Review - 17 Top 6922 6N23P E88CC CCa 7308 E188CC tubes

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by rb2013, Mar 31, 2015.
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  1. gannjunior
    So, guys, what kind of tubes (I'd like to avoid adapters) do you suggest for my Pathos Aurium ? I'd like to give more energy in the medium/high. (bass, soundstage and warm effect are all enough).

    thank you
  2. doraymon
    I am interested in this as well.
    My Aurium is on the way and already eager to roll tubes!!
  3. thecrow
    Siemens cca’s are great for that. Pretty much exactly what you are seeking from what i understand. Lots of energy and detail. They pack a good punch. Good extension on top and bottom end. Soundstage is not sacrificed.

    Early/mid 60’s like you said.

    Like a lot of tubes, they appear to have gone up in price in recent years

    I have often heard there may not be (much of ) a difference between the silver and grey options.

    The only time i would be wary of them would be if you had a slightly brighter sound already happening and you were using the hd800. Then they may get too energetic. Doesn’t sound like thats a worry for you
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  4. gannjunior
  5. kolkoo
    Guys... please let's not get carried away, as I can't seem to find any info if 2C51 tubes are compatible with the Pathos Aurium and if they will work well with it. The Schiit amps have auto-bias using a Constant Current Source and run the tubes at low current to start, so the 2C51 fit perfectly but you have to ask the makers of the Aurium what they think about the 2C51 before using them!
  6. thecrow
  7. Whitigir
    I really don’t like the new forum functions as there is no search within thread.....anyways, how is the Sylvania 1970 NOS 6DJ8 ? Thanks
  8. kolkoo
    You can search within thread if you click on the top right Search box after you open a thread and mark the check box "Search within thread" :wink: It's a bit hard to find...
    Also I don't believe many people have heard the tube you are referring to :)
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  9. AuditoryCanvas
    Mine just arrived. I received 8 x 1979, large logo, but single getter wire. Grimy pins, some bent, like you, not what we ordered. I've written to the seller to see if he wants to rectify it before I create havoc. Unlikely, but worth a try.

    I also received another 8 of these, I ordered 2 a while ago, and loved them, so ordered more. The arrived in sparkling condition, like the left the factory yesterday. All made in May '73.

  10. doraymon
    My new Pathos Aurium comes standard with Electro-Harmonix 6922 tubes.
    Do you think a matched pair of a Siemens E88CC/6922 of the 60' or 70' would bring an audible improvement in terms of sound quality?

    The crazy thing is that I haven't even received yet the new amp and I am already looking for an upgrade!
    I definitely got "the disease" and if you're reading this you know what I'm talking about!
  11. m-i-c-k-e-y
    A linear power supply would be nice...
  12. doraymon
    what do you mean?
  13. m-i-c-k-e-y

    You want a nice upgrade for your Pathos Aurium? Add/use a linear power supply instead of the wall wart that it comes that provides dirty power.
  14. doraymon
    Already got an Sbooster for the Aurium ready to go.
    My doubt was more if NOS tubes would help.
  15. thecrow
    Well in my woo wa2 the stock tubes, which i think are the same as yours, are fine but better tubes definitely gave an improvement. I ended up with the “top end” pinched waist holland and usa tubes and some tele e188cc tubes and have been very happy

    The siemens mid 60’s e88cc tubes i had were a good solid sound. Slightly weighty neutral sound with a decent level of detail. Not outstanding compared to others (more expensive) but solid.

    Pretty well suited for rock music kind of stuff that ibwas listening to.

    I write all of the above from my own personal experience with my amp and having never heard yours

    Is there a thread here specific to your amp for tube rolling ideas?

    What music do you lean to/are you most concerned about?
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