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660S v Aeon Flow Open

  1. Focux
    Have HD650 and LCD X (arriving soon)

    easter sale puts the AFO at 80% more in price than the 660S

    which would ya'll go for?

    or skip since i have LCD X
  2. serman005
    Do you have somewhere you can listen to an AFO or a 660? If so, I would do that while you wait for your LCDX to arrive and can compare. Then, you'll have more information with which to make your decision.
  3. Focux
    I’ve listen to Aeon Flow Closed and 660S

    Frankly preferred AF but it sounded boring after awhile

    Tbh I like the 650 more than both but the AF is very comfortable and def faster than 650 & 660S

    I was thinking 660S might sound better with my setup given its impedance is 150 vs that of 300ohm on the 650 (more power)
  4. serman005
    It might. It is def easier to drive. I love my HD650, BTW. Clamp force is a non-issue after some time and a bit of headband stretch on an appropriately sized box. Try the HD650 on something like a Bottlehead Crack and you will be blown out of the water. Incroyable!! Not sure where you are in Oceania, but if you are in NZ or Au maybe you could go with amazon.com.au. The HD660S is $621.22 there and, if the Australian amazon is like that in the US, you can always just return them if you don't like them. Could give them a test drive in your own system and check them out. Might be worth a shot.
  5. Focux
    I’m in NZ but found a deal for 660S at abt NZD600 including shipping
  6. serman005

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