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  1. SlyCarrot
  2. Mr Newyear
    Go to edit, preferences, then import settings, then I believe you can change the import compression from there. Next, right click the song, and the new preference will be there where "convert to apple lossless" once was. Hope this isn't too confusing! Good luck!
  3. SlyCarrot
  4. jz9chen
    VBR=variable bit rate
    meaning when needed, the bit rate will increase
    use this if the avg bitrate is <320
    CBR=constant bit rate
    meaning the bit rate is what it says it is through the entire song
    use this if the bitrate is 320
  5. teddyspaghetti
    For batch converting, I recommend Xrecode2. It's pretty much free, (you have to wait for a timer to count down when it starts up and click a number.) it's very versatile, and can multitask if you have multiple cores on your computer (on todays age, I'd imagine you would..) It's far superior and lightweight. Unless, for some reason, you're set on using iTunes.

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