1. BRSxIgnition
  2. Craigster75
    Until I hear them, I must say the VTF-100 has the most potential in terms of bang for the buck.  I decided I don't want any headphones that require a battery for anything.  I like the list, but think the AH-D400 is so bad it doesn't deserve to be on the list as a contender for anything but the "headphones I most regret buying" forum.
  3. BRSxIgnition
    I agree - the VTF-100 is the wildcard right now, since we don't know what it will excel at. Thing is, all of the other headphones all have shots at becoming the better headphone.
    .... Except the D400's apparently.
  4. Evshrug
    To be honest, I'm WAAAY too happy with...
    Well, the only room I have right now in my headphone collection is for a closed portable. Probably more M-80 than M-100 for practicality. I feel so totally content with my home reference headphone right now, a joy even a month after receiving it. I really ought to publish my review as its made me so happy and pushed the M-100 out of the picture for me, but it's definitely a home-headphone so I don't want to confuse people/friends from the V-MODA thread looking at portable all-rounder headphones. I really wish I could support what V-MODA is doing from a business and customer satisfaction standpoint, I think Val is amazing!

    I just think dance music and 46 out of 50 dubstep tracks are boring, and I think those are V-MODA's target genres.
  5. Overkill Red
    Dont forget the HD25s! Although the Amperior sounded really good, it wasn't a huge upgrade from my HD25s IMO, only a slight diagonal step up.
  6. BRSxIgnition
    HD 25's aren't new though. This is a list of the headphones that are coming out or have come out within the past 3 months and coming 3 months.
    I haven't seen a wave of new headphone releases in a single category like this in a long while.
  7. Evshrug
    Blew my mind when a similar thing happened in the videogame world last year!
  8. blotto5
    This is the first time I'm actually in the market for a closed portable headphone. All I've been using are V-MODA earbuds, and a logitech G35 while gaming. I'm far from an audiophile, but I like to think I care more about sound than the average joe. It seems I picked a good time to dive into the market, and maybe I'm being a bit biased since I owned plenty of V-MODA earbuds, but I'm definitely more excited about the M-100s than any other headphone.
  9. Craigster75

    BRS- have you "advertised" your post on other forums besides the M-100?  The voting seems so overwhelming for the M-100, I'm wondering if it might be skewed only because mostly M-100 fans know about this thread.
    Also, what about the Ultrasone Signature DJ?  Initially, I thought price might preclude them, but the Sony's sound like flagships with flagship pricing, even though we don't know yet.
  10. BRSxIgnition
    Ah - I guess I haven't. I'll do that now. Apologies, I never even noticed, haha.
    Are the Signature DJ new? (As in the past 3 or next 3 months new?)
  11. Craigster75

    Yes, the signature DJ is coming out in the next few months.  Check out the forum here for them.  I think you will find them interesting to say the least- a Sig Pro with more bass!
  12. olegausany
    While I preorder M-100 and waiting as everybody else so I can compare them to D600 hoping that M-100 isolate better but I also interested in Sony MDR-1R/NC (maybe Sony will be able to make cans with SQ and NC at the same time?)
  13. A Ham Sandwich
    I'm most interested to see a shootout between the "M" models; the M-100/M4U 2/ MDR-1R/Momentum.
  14. Dyaems
    i wont vote because of too many vmoda fanboys but im pretty sure that the 2 denons will surely lose :p
  15. olegausany
    I wouldn't put D600 into loosers they really sound good, I prefer them over DT1350. I also heard and bought for comparison new Harman Kardan BT but since they don't isolate they going right back

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