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600ohm & upwards capable amp required....

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by paul graham, Dec 30, 2012.
  1. Paul Graham
    I have a set of Sennheiser HD400's that desperately need an amplifier that can really do them justice.
    So far the only amp I have thats anywhere close to being able to drive them is my Fiio E17 set to +12db.
    Yet that's still not enough!
    Its a wicked portable DAC/Amp but no where near suitable for my 400's
    Any help would be greatly appreciated folks :)
  2. Paul Graham
  3. ostewart
    JDS Labs O2
  4. aqsw
    Schiit Valhalla
  5. Paul Graham
    I do like the look of the Valhalla actually.......
  6. Paul Graham
  7. tdockweiler

    It drives my 600 ohm AKG Sextett just fine. Sounds good too. Not sure about the HD-400 though...
    (only 25% on the volume too..)
  8. AuxNuke
    What is your budget?
    What kind of music do you listen too?
    Are you going to use the E17 as a source or do you want a DAC/Amp combo?
  9. tme110
    you're questions are unanswerable without budget, music type, and whethor or not you want to stay portable.  Pico power? 
  10. Paul Graham
    Sorry guys, Twas a bit of a rushed post was it not?! lol...
    The E17 will NOT be the source, I only use it currently as its the only amp i have capable of running the HD400's somewhat.
    No as for Source etc I have a Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100 which is still relatively new. 
    Through this I run my cd player and my imac ( audirvana )
    Music type that will be heard through these cans at least will be classical, blue grass, jazz etc...
    But this amp Im looking for will also run future sets of cans :- Beyerdynamic Tesla T70's and Sennheiser HD600's.
    Everything I own so far is single ended so no balanced outputs needed at the moment.
    Budget I would say will be around £300 tops. For the amp. or Amp/Dac.
    Hope that helps a little more...
  11. AuxNuke
    I really enjoy the sound of dual Wolfson DAC's on the DacMagic and Audio-gd series!  As for amps with some grunt in that price range:
    Tube sound:  HiFiMAN EF-5.
    Solid State:  Audio-gd NFB-6 / Schiit Asgard / Youlong A100
    The EF-5 and NFB-6 are the real powerhouses of the group above. 
  12. RestoredSparda
    Just purchased an EF-5 and I'm more than happy. It plays very nicely with my HD600. Couldn't recommend it more. 
    It was designed to drive the HE5-LE and HE500, so no concerns with power if you upgrade to more demanding cans in the future.   Just my .02
  13. Paul Graham

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