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6 months - Audio Technica IEM ATH-CKM99

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by flame, Nov 6, 2012.
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  1. flame
    For Sale
    So what is for sale?
    Up for grap is a pair of 6 months old Audio Technica CKM99 - Titanium & Stainless Steel housing.
    It was purchased from a local authorized retailer, if anyone of you are familiar with HK, it's from Mingo.
    I have recently upgraded to Westone 4 and completely satisfy with the purchase.
    Consider i have few other IEMs sitting around, the woman is screaming at me now.
    First week of obtaining the IEM, i put in 100hrs of break-in time, afterwards, average about 2 hrs / day.
    If i can do my math correctly, it comes up to about 450-500 hrs.
    So what's included?
    Extension cord
    Cleaning cloth
    Ear tips (S,M,L) + Comply Foam Medium size
    Basically all the accessories.
    So what's the price?
    SOLD!!!. Accept Paypal or Cash (Local Buyer Only)
Thread Status:
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