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5th Annual St. Louis Meet at JDS Labs

  1. Audio Addict Contributor
    I just wanted to get this thread started with a thank-you to JDS Labs for hosting this meet. While it was the 5th overall it was my 2nd. A lot of tables and space for everyone and they set up a public WiFi so everyone could stream Tidal to their hearts desire.

    Also I wanted to thank Zach and Bevin for making the trip and having all their headphones available.

    Also thanks goes out to Chicago's F1 Audio and @CreditingKarma for making the trip down as they literally had an Audio Store of great Head-Fi gear!!
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  2. dbsylvia
    A big thank you to JDS Labs for hosting. Another large thank you to Zach and Bevin for bringing all the amazing ZMF products. And another thank you to @CreditingKarma for the invite and the demo from the F1 Audio store.

    This was my first visit to a hifi meet of this style and I was very impressed with all the amazing gear and the knowledge available from everyone present.

    Can't say one thing stood out more than another. I was impressed by it all. I now have an even bigger wish list; wife sighs and rolls her eyes
    Was very impressed by the Abyss and was glad to get a chance to hear them. And the ZMF Verite closed are very nice and I hope to get to hear them again in a longer listening session in the future. The Hyland Audio headphones were a pleasant surprise.
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  3. stuck limo
    Thanks to Jude and Zach/Bevin and F1 and @Slim1970 and whoever else I'm forgetting. It was really fun meeting everyone and hanging out while listening to amazing audio gear!
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  4. Slim1970
    Thanks @theotherjude for hosting this annual event. We had some amazing gear to demo this year thanks to @CreditingKarma and his friend. They brought the house with them: Chord Hugo TT2 and M-Scaler, Abyss Phi TC's, Abyss Phi Diana's, Sonoma Model One Estat combo, RAAL SR1a Ribbon Monitors, Auris Audio Nirvana (outstanding), Headamp Blue Hawaii just to name few. @zach915m and Bevin surprised everyone with a prototype closed Vérité. It was an amazing listen even at this stage in the process with the Woo Audio WA8. I couldn’t believe how liquid and detailed that headphone sounded. The bass had texture, weight and was unbelievably layered. As good as the bass was the prototype sounded composed, detailed and had excellent clarity. The world is in for a treat when it’s released. The silk wood Vérité with BE pads, I think Zach they were, was my second favorite headphone from the ZMF group. I’m not sure which of them I’ll be getting next. @stuck limo, @Michaelp, @dbsylvia, @Audio Addict, @VOLKOV9, @pippen99 thanks for coming out and sharing your gear with us it was an amazing time!
  5. CreditingKarma
    Thank you to @theotherjude for hosting the meet. It is always a great time meeting other like minded folks. A great surprise was the special preview of a in development ZMF headphone thank you to @zach915m and @BooUrns for this opportunity. I need to pick up a pair of ZMF cans. @pippen99 now I really want to find a liquid gold I loved the abyss out of it. If only they were still making them I guess I can hope that he will get someone to build it again fingers crossed.

    It was @JamesonM that came with me and supplied all of the equipment on tables.

    I will post some impressions s later it is late and I drove almost 600 miles today so it is time for some sleep. See you all at zmfestivus.
  6. pippen99
    I would add my thanks to Jude for again opening his business to our group. Always a real pleasure to see Zach and Bevin and of course very much looking forward to ZMFestivus this October. Thanks for the suede pads Zach.

    Lots of great equipment. My first time in the same room with a Blue Hawaii. I got to try a THX788 which was nice. It was a lot of fun to play with the Schiit Loki. If they ever make a balanced Loki for near the same price I am all in. I am just not a closed headphone fan so the Verite closed prototype seemed to me to need more work. I am sure Zach will get it right for those who need a quality closed back headphone. The Ether 2 was disappointing not finding it a significant improvement over the Ether Flow I previously owned.

    The big highlight for me was the Klipsch HP-3 brought by Slim1970. A quality piece that punches way above its price point. Great SQ with a slight emphasis to the Bass side of things. It was running out of a original Liquid Carbon and sounded great. If you missed it seek it out.

    Hope that next year will be as good as this year. See you in Chicago!
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
  7. theotherjude
    Thank you all so much for coming and flooding our shop with fantastic equipment! Truly a wonderful group of people.

    Here's to year 6!
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  8. buke9
    Sounds like a good time was had by all wish I could have made it but hope to see most of you at ZMFestivus.
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