5g apple 60gb ipod black, new internals, $100 shipped
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Oct 8, 2003

I got an ipod touch, so I don't need this anymore. For the longest time I thought this one, with its wolfson codec, was the best sound quality wise, but the new ipod touch seems to be different, but still pretty good.

Anyway, cosmetically it has had an invisible shield since day one. But I'm not going to guarantee any cosmetic issues, but it's not too bad considering all that it's been through. I'm going to say 6.5/10 condition.

New battery replaced, 900 mah, done by me. New screen (5.5 led screen) replaced by me. Unfortunately the screen i got was new but has one dead pixel that you can't see on the now playing screen. Luck of the draw. Also new motherboard.

The impt part is that sonically it's good as ever. No flaws, no problems, BUT even though I sell it in good conscience, it's a 5th gen ipod = AS IS, no WARRANTIES.

60 gb hard drive.

I have the sync cable and even the original box!

$100 shipped, usa only, I'm leaving friday so i'd like to sell it before then.

Lowballers need not apply.

Even some pics for ya: Picasa Web Albums - public - Craigslist

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