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  1. tzread
  2. davidgotsa
    I highly doubt that Amazon would sell you fake Beats. 
    Compare them to your friends pair and if you like what you hear then keep them and don't worry about it. 
  3. Headphonefred
    Did you buy them off amazon from the official amazon, or one of the other sellers who sell their stuff on amazon? If you brought it from an unofficial seller its likely theyre fake.
  4. tzread
  5. crinacle
    In that case, it's 98% of the time real. If it's fake, you can file a case with Amazon to get you a real pair (though it's pretty useless unless the headphones have a massive defect somewhere). But I emphasise, you probably just thinking too much.
  6. dunpeal
    You could check the serial no. on the monster website.
  7. tzread

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