1. Acesi7
    Hmm... This could be depressing... Having bought both the Miracles and the Merlins at full price... [​IMG]
  2. bbrunskill
    http://www.uniquemelody.co/ mentions the word 'Global'
  3. Maxvla Contributor
    Timer seems off? In 18 hours it will be Sept 16th in most of the world, late evening in the Americas. Weird time to announce something.
  4. Benjerry

    At least you liked them;
    My plans for resale just got sabotaged
  5. eclipes
    haha oh yeah, i saw your post and its not gonna sell for quite a while.

  6. eclipes
    this global sale better be crazyyy
  7. Acesi7


    Yeah, sorry to hear about that. Just out of curiosity though, Have you asked UM about having them checked to see if they are defective? I'm with the other guys, what you heard from yours is nothing like what I heard from mine, I'd be leaning towards a defective set of drivers or problems with the filters. Something doesn't quite add up...?


    Well in 25 minutes we'll know I guess...
  8. Sylafari
    Well I guess this group buy isn't as good as their promo deal right? Free silver cable and 20% off :O
  9. eclipes
    yeah, the cable looks pretty good.

  10. Acesi7
    Wow, that is a good deal... *shakes fist!* Damn my impatience! HAHA...
    But only open to the first 25... Looks like we have the first 19 here on Head-Fi, so get in quick guys. That's an unbelievable deal!
  11. Sylafari


    If only I didn't get my LCD-2s [​IMG] ... But it's too late I love them too much! [​IMG]

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