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<$500 Good bookshelf speakers to pair with Audio GD NFB-12?

  1. anoxy
    Sitting at my computer enjoying music.
  2. Herky151
    Okay, the more expensive the monitor type speaker, the (for the most part) more sterile it will sound. So the Adams will be more sterile than the Audioengine's because the Adams are made for more professional purposes. I don't know what you plan to use them for, but take in mind that other forums don't really focus on the difference between what a "good" studio monitor is vs a "good" hi-fi speaker. 
  3. anoxy
    Well my Airmotiv 4 arrive tomorrow so we shall see how I like them.
  4. cel4145

    I haven't heard them yet. But all the testimonials suggest that if you don't like the Airmotivs, you better be ready to spend more money to do better :)
  5. cel4145
    How do the Airmotivs sound?
  6. anoxy
    I'm not really blown away to be honest. Not sure if my room just sucks or if I need stands or what. I mean they sound great, but not that much better than my old Klipsch 2.1
    Ok maybe that's a lie. I don't know it's hard to say without A/Bing them and I haven't done that. And I haven't been using the Klipsch much prior to getting these so idk. 
  7. cel4145
    A couple of things that might matter:

    1) They may open up a little with some break in. Let 'em play at moderately loud volume (not near their limits) for a good 20 hours and then evaluate them. Speaker drivers can break in most of the way over the first 40 hours or so, but I think a lot of it tends to happen in the first 20 hours, at least for me.

    2) The Klipsch Promedia are angled upward because of their built in stands, which does help. Do you have the Airmotivs toed in toward your listening position with the tweeters angled toward your ears or with the tweeter at ear level? If no, try stacking some books underneath them. Get 'em up in the air and see how they sound with more optimal placement at that right height. That can make quite a difference.
  8. anoxy
    Yeah I don't know why I said any of that. These speakers sound magnificent. Out of the box they were really underwhelming, but I now realize how wonderful they sound after several hours of 'burn in'
    I think I was just trying to find a reason to return them and save my money. But alas, head-fi has my wallet in a choke hold once again....
  9. Herky151
    Just make sure you follow the set-up directions because monitor tweeters are really directional.
  10. Currawong Contributor
    They scale nicely with better gear too. I could easily hear the difference between my main rig and an NFB-10 with them. Do play around with the position.
  11. cel4145
    That's good news. Glad to hear they sound great :)
  12. anoxy
    Would one of these stands be a better choice than the other, or should I just grab the cheaper audioengine set?
    Auralex Mopad
    Audioengine DS2
  13. cel4145
    Based on what the manufacturers are saying, the Audioengine looks like it provides a 15 degree tilt; the Auralex less at 8 degrees. Go with the one that is the right angle for aiming the speakers at your ears.

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