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<$500 Good bookshelf speakers to pair with Audio GD NFB-12?

  1. anoxy
    I've had Klipsch Promedia 2.1 for years now, and I think it's time for a headphones guy to move into speakers.

    I've been doing some research on Head-fi and others sites, and I've seen a few speakers mentioned:

    M-Aduio BX5 D2
    Emotiva Airmotiv 4/5
    Adam Audio ARTist 3

    What else should I be looking at for my desktop computer setup?
    I'll be using the Audio GD NFB12 which has gobs of power as a DAC/preamp
  2. cel4145
    If you want to consider making the transition to passive speakers and picking up an amp/receiver, I can highly recommend the Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 SE. They are very deep and need probably about six inches of space behind them because of the rear ports. Very detailed, accurate speakers. Excellent transient response.
  3. anoxy
    I would ideally like the speakers to be my only new purchase. I feel like I should be able to get a pretty decent setup for workstation (near-field) listening with the components I have now.
  4. allyl
    Airmotiv4's are excellent, especially if you can get them during one of the (fairly frequent) 10% off sales. My best friend uses them for both gaming and music listening and loves them. I'll be picking up a pair as soon as I get settled into med school as well; from listening to my friend's, they are great!
  5. anoxy
    Thank you for your recommendation, I'll add another +1 next to the airmotiv 4s.

    I've also added another possibility to my list:
    Yamaha HS80M Studio Reference Monitors
  6. anoxy
    Anyone else care to chime in?
  7. cel4145
    You should go for the Airmotiv 5 over the 4 if you have the room. Bigger driver often means better bass response. Or if you go with the Airmotiv 4, have you thought of adding a sub?
  8. anoxy
    Yeah I could possibly add a sub in the future. Or I suppose I could just use the sub from my Klipsch Promedia for the time being?
  9. cel4145
    The Klipsch Promedia sub has speaker amplification built in and so no telling where the crossover on it is set. I'm sure it's fixed pretty high since those Promedia speakers have tiny drivers. Normally, you want to set the the sub crossover to where the speakers start to roll off in bass response.

    Well, unless you have passive speakers and a receiver with active bass management. Then you can choose a higher crossover point. However, there are some subs that have RCA inputs and outputs, so you can chain the sub in between the audio source and the powered speakers. And then a few of those I have seen, such as the SVS Sound compact subs, have an 80hz high and low pass filter so that the crossover is fixed there at a reasonably high setting. On most subs, the crossover only affects the sub output.
  10. anoxy
    Well it looks like I can get M-Audio BX5 D2 on Amazon right now for 228 shipped.

    The Airmotiv 5 is almost twice that at $450. What do you think, worth twice the monies?
  11. thazy2
    You don't like the Audio Engine passive?
  12. anoxy
    I hadn't given them any thought. What is the difference between a passive and active set? Active have a built in amp and passive dont?

    So if I already have a DAC/Amp with my Audio GD NFB12, passive is probably the best route to take?

    After reading Steve Guttenberg's review of the Emotivas, he says they completely outclass any of Audioengine's offerings.
  13. cel4145
    You have a headphone amp. That won't power passive speakers.
  14. anoxy
    Well then I shall stick to active ones.
  15. Herky151
    Just a side note, what do you plan to use them mostly for?

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