$500-600 budget
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Oct 22, 2015
i used to lurk around these parts maybe 5-6 years ago when i delved into this, the moneysink of moneysinks.
i ended up with these:
ath ad-700
and what was the HOTUSB1 dac/amp.
i still use this duo to this day, but am ready to move on.
frankly, since revisiting all of this, what's becoming clearer is that the more i have read, the less i truly understand.
that said, i'm hoping to solicit some thoughts. this is what i'm leaning towards:
grado sr325e
aune t1 mk2 (maybe a 7308 to go with it?)
some useful things to know:
|mostly utilized for rock music: contemporary: elliott smith, father john misty, electronic stuff, pop music, etc., old school 60s, 70s: harry nilsson, beach boys, fleetwood mac, sam cooke, billy holliday, velvet underground.. nothing too special.
|i'm most definitely willing explore a different setup. these two choices just resonated most in sifting through this cluster****.
|i'd like to add a speaker setup at some point as well: the hype surrounding the elac b6s entices. they may well be the only thing all of humanity can agree upon these days. basically, my dac/amp choice would ideally compliment the speakers as well as the headphones.
i get that there is a lot i still don't truly grasp: impedance, how each device affects another and how to optimize, passive vs. powered speakers.. this is the sort of stuff i'm hoping people can explain in layperson's terms.
hope this all makes sense. please ask for more information if any of this is unclear. this is the last bit of investigating i'll do before purchasing. have read heaps of reviews on threads on both the t1 and sr325e.
i appreciate everyone's input the last time i went through this. it's super appreciated for round two!
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I would go with the Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro instead.
More comfortable, wider soundstage, more neutral, you know...
Schiit Modi 2 Uber ($150)
Schiit Magni 2 Uber ($150)
PYST RCA Cable ($20)

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