$50 wireless full-size headpones options?
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Jun 7, 2006
Looking for something for a child (primarily) for watching movies on an iPad when on a plane.

I've seen ads for these Pioneer SE-S3BT, but I can't find any reviews or posts about it.


Has anyone heard these and can comment on sound quality? Alternatively, can you recommend something else up to $50?


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There are the Mpow h12s which are supposedly very good for their price, I'm unsure how above budget they may be but if I'm to hazard a guess it would be ~$60
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As for a child sq is not the main concern, I would get them a bt noice canceling so they don't need to max the volume to ignore the engine and damage their ears.

But don't think 50 will do for that.

Or cheap in ears with foam so they have some awsome noice canceling on their own. Like a tin T2 cause of the easy fit
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I'd say go with the mpow if you can fit it into your budget, I'm not sure of the price on Amazon but I can assume it would be only a tad over or it may be cheaper via dollars because sometimes that's the case.
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Quick update: I bought the H12, and while sound quality is quite good when connected via cable, it is rather disappointing when connected via BT, which would be their primary use. Granted, my kid wouldn't really care at this age, but I plan to use these when he doesn't, so I wanted to get something that sounds decent to my ears. So I just bought Soundcore Q20. These sound great both via BT and via cable. Bass is especially impressive on the Q20, which a bass head like myself can appreciate. ANC is not bad and comparable between the two.

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