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New Head-Fier
Jul 11, 2015
Hi Head-Fi community, I'm new in this audio thing and I will greatly appreciate your recommendation on some equipment that I want to buy.
Never in my life I have had a decent pair of headphones, and I think that it's time to change that, since I live outside the United States the max ammount of money that I can spend is 400$, otherwise customs will retain whatever i buy and make me do tons of paperwork to legalize the package and I want to avoid that.
So what i have in mind is this:
1) A pair of open back headphones
2) An amp/dac (do i need both? none?. I've seen that the price varies from 30 dollars to hundreds of dollars, so is there an astronomical difference between a cheap one and a super expensive one? I'm asking this since that i don't want to spend lets say 150$ on a amp/dac combo knowing that it's going to be a piece of garbage.
3) I would like to be able to connect the headphones to my ps4 (wich I use as a bluray player, netflix streamer and game console of course), so a normal dac will do the job?, or do I need a special cable or connector to do it? and please don't tell me to connect the headphones directly to the ps4 controller.
By the way i like to listen almost all music genres, but what i listen the most is jazz, blues, classic rock, and Sinatra (that guy is amazing).
I hope that you can help me in my quest to get in the world of high resolution music. Thanks!.

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