4 Sennheiser HD650 cables have broke on me. What are durable cables?

  1. VocaloidDude
    I need some cables that won't break, because this is so ridiculous. I am tired of paying a couple dozen dollars on new cables every year or two. I don't do anything ridiculous to them, I just wear them like usual and then the point near where the cable connects the headphone goes loose, and eventually goes dead.
  2. Liu Junyuan
    I’ve owned an HD650 since 2010 and trucked it to China and back. It has made multiple moves. I am still using the stock cable, and it is far from “broken.” I couldn’t imagine how yours could have broken four times under normal usage.
  3. VocaloidDude
    Good for you, but I need to find a more durable cable.
  4. VocaloidDude

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