4 corner and Cali Meet

  1. koover
    Joe (@Coolzo) Chris (@Destroysall) and I, Greg (@koover) have been throwing around an idea for some time now. Too many neighboring states don’t have any meets of any kind at all. With that said.....We fixed that!

    Schiit is currently our sponsor and we all know they’re great and down to earth, have awesome gear while being most gracious with their generosity.

    We also were fortunate enough at our last meet in February that Audeze, Ampsandsound and HeadAmp joined us and kicked it with the members all day. They demoed great gear plus they were great guys to hang out with. We also had members from Las Vegas, New Mexico, Texas and as far as Minnesota attend. Meze, ZMF, MrSpeakers and iFi also loaned us gear for our members to test drive all day. We're hoping and planning on some more members of the trade to join us in September along with you guys.

    Vegas to Phoenix is a short 4 hour drive, L.A. and San Diego are a few more hours versus Vegas, Utah even a little further and New Mexico is a nice casual drive. Of course California is a great drive too as I’ve done it quite a few times. If driving isn't your thing, flights are short and pretty inexpensive.

    This meet is 8 hours and there's plenty of time to kick back and enjoy the day. We had a great time after the last meet with a group of us who went out for dinner and :beers::cocktail:. We can definitely plan something if everyone wants to extend the day. We have plenty of space so there’s enough elbow room for your gear and to move around plus enough snacks to eat to get you through the day. It also gives everyone an opportunity to meet and share war stories with other like minded Head-fiers.

    The meet's staged at The Hilton Garden Inn where we’re booked for 2600’ but have the “option” of growing to 4000 square feet if we really need it......That’s a lot of room and it's there if we have the interest. Safety and Security of Gear is a non issue.

    Accommodations are as easy as it gets and it would be optimal for you to stay right at the Hilton. But if you want other accommodations, there's many other very nice hotels/motels within short driving distance of the meet.

    I also talked with the event/sales manager at the Hilton and have secured a substantial rate decrease for anyone coming to the meet. It’ll basically be half off their September rates which will be extremely reasonable. If you want to stay at the Hilton, PM me and I'll get you the phone number to the event/sales manager who will take care of you personally.

    We already booked a 2 channel room in a separate area (a hotel room close by) away from the HP listening area.

    Also, please click on the below link for meet details.

    Let’s see what happens if we have any interest. Our hope is you are. It'll be a great time guys.
    If you have any requests or comments, just post your thoughts. Hope to hear from yah!

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  2. koover
    Edit: I know this was sent out extremely early but just wanted to plant a seed. I won’t bunp often, maybe every month to see if there’s any traction.
  3. koover
    updated OP.
  4. koover
    One month bump. Almost. Is anyone interested?
  5. DEBigworm
    I would be. But it's right down the street from me so thats almost cheating.
  6. koover
    One month interest check bump.
  7. koover
    1+ month reminder.
  8. DEBigworm
    Can I reserve the spot next to you in advance?
  9. koover
    Why of course. It would be my pleasure!
  10. koover
    That time again! Friendly reminder.
  11. koover
    Getting closer.
    If anyone is interested in coming and wants to stay at the Hilton where the meet is being held, please PM me.
    I've secured a very good rate for you. Audeze has already booked along with 2 other members.
    Don't miss out on this opportunity as I have secured a limited about of rooms for our members. This is prime time Arizona winter visitor season and the hotel fills up quick.

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