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4.4mm TRRRS female to 3.5mm male adapter?

  1. kcheung
    As Wyville stated, you can order directly from their site. Note that the end product looks different than what's in the picture but it works just fine:

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  2. Fred Wang
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  3. Quasimodosbelfry
    Thanks guys!!
  4. Quasimodosbelfry

    Found this at E-earphone in Tokyo. Works great.
  5. SeeSax
    I found this thread because I was tirelessly searching for said adapter and figured I would post since I found just what I was looking for. @alpha421 from Triton Audio Cables made this 3.5mm male to 4.4mm female adapter for me using some nice 22awg pure silver wire for around the $60 price point.


    Triton build quality (I own several of their cables and adapters) is always among the best, so while it's not a cheap throw away adapter, it will certainly do justice for my nice 4.4mm cables and I'll be able to use them with my LG V35. Thought I'd share in case anyone is still looking for a nice adapter.

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  6. Panohm
  7. Sarcasmo
    Really like the Musashino cables but can’t easily source them in the UK.
    Decided to make my own as I like pigtail adapters with smooth edges on the plugs:
  8. Carlsan
    Reviving this thread, anyone find a one piece L shaped right angle adapter that is 4.4 female balanced to 3.5 SE?

    Or is this to much to ask for?
  9. ChisChas
    Well I must be a real cheapskate? I just ordered a cheapo 4.4mm TRRS to 3.5mm SE very short adapter from the AliExpress website, made by Tiandirenhe, cost USD13.22 or about £11GBP. yes, I'm already aware of Double Helix cables & PLUSSOUND but didn't feel inclined to pay such huge prices for such a simple thing as an adapter like this. I just need it to be adequate enough so I can use a 4.4mm TRRS cable with my Chord Hugo 2. If it's a crap product then I can always order the Rolls-Royce version from PLUSSOUND, I think it would be Christmas 2021 if I ordered from Pete.
    You can also buy from Amazon UK the Meijunter 4.4mm TRRS female to 3.5mm SE male short adapter at £11.76 + £1.85 shipping, I also bought one of those to cover things.
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  10. PaganDL

    I suggest penon-official.com or veclan.com for your affordable adapter & cable needs.

    Hope you have a great day !

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