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    We are thrilled to announce that we now offer 3D Ear Impression Scanning services!​


    With 3D scanning, you no longer have to schedule appointments with your audiologist to get multiple ear impressions. Simply get ONE set of ear impressions, get them 3D scanned by us, and we will provide your digital files that you can send via email to different IEM manufacturers within a matter of minutes, whether they are domestic or international - saving you a substantial amount of time and money. In addition, this will even allow the manufacturers to start production on your custom IEMs or custom earplugs right away!


    Other benefits: Scanned in-house with identical 3D scanners used by leading IEM manufacturers / Original (physical and digital) ear impressions are provided / Digital copy stored with us for up to 5 years for safe keeping.​


    PlusSound Stay updated on PlusSound at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/plusSound/ https://twitter.com/plussoundaudio http://plussoundaudio.com/
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  2. FlyinUte
    Anybody know if they're still offering this service?
  3. Audio Addict Contributor
    With the link dead and looking at their website not mentioning it anywhere, I suspect the answer is no.
  4. FlyinUte
    Confirmed via email. Anyone know of other places that offer this service?

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