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$399 Apple iPod Touch 6G with 128GB storage and A8 chip

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by seeteeyou, Jul 15, 2015.
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  1. Jazz1
    I am considering the iPod Touch and the Fiio 5 ver. 2. I've got 1TB of AIFF files. Of course I don't think I need to carry the entire collection around with me. It has been a long time since I connected any IOS device to my iMac. I vaguely remember that one import choice was jus to randomly fill up "X" amount of space on the receiving iOS device. Am I remembering this right? Is it still an option? Also are there any Lightening to USB "all in one cables" out there? I'm going to use my Chord Mojo and don't want a lot of cable when I rubber band them together.
  2. Jazz1
    Well I took the plunge and ordered the iPod Touch over the Fiio. I guess I traded for a familiar user interface vs. potential storage. Although I understand there may be better hirez iOS app. players out there. I'd be willing to to there for better sound for my AIFF files.
    I've just ordered the Moon Audio CCK for stacking the the Chord Mojo against the back of the iPod Touch. Anyone out there have any carry case recommendations. I will also be using the Chord Mojo cover on the Mojo, and probably a thin case on the IPT. But I'ld like a carry pouch that would accommodate the whole rig.
    I hope to bring the whole rig and my Sines to the SFO Meet in July. I hope to meet a lot of Headfiers in person as I've never been to a gathering of the headphone geeks :wink:.
    I ordered an iPod 6G 64GB even after possessing ZX2 & ZX1. Its hard to let go of an iPod if given 2 choices for me.
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  4. Jazz1

    Just got my iPod Touch 6G last night. This is a far cry from the 1st generation. Sounds great with the MOJO and the Sine. I can't wait to get my hands on the Cipher cable for mobile use. I love the Mojo, but some coffee shop visits and running the town days I need something more portable at times.
    I hope my next iPhone is that small and thin. No touch I.D. though. I spent a bit of time turning off features I don't want, and deleting apps. I just want a music player. Checking out NePLAYER on the IPT using AIFF files that were ripped with iTunes standard AIFF setting. Am I stuck with the bottom sample rate then?
    What I'm trying to figure out now is whether iTunes on my iMac will update my full IPT's music library?I have it set up to randomly select music until the the IPT is full. My question is now that it is full do I need to manually delete music for a refresh. I'd love if it would automatically delete songs listened to, and refresh the songs. I doubt that it does that. 
    I also have to try NeoPLAYER's Wifi synch. I did use USB from iTunes the first time around because the library is so large.
    I think it sounds better than iTunes BTW. I also like the pre-set EQ for various types of music such as Female Jazz vocals.
    What are you other IPT users doing for music management and listening?
  5. Slaphead
    You may find the just the iPod Touch will drive the SINE without Cipher to a reasonable degree anyway. I often use a 5th gen to drive Beyer DT1770 Pros which are 250Ω and it's fine.

    The iPod touch, especially the 5th and 6th gens are probably the most underrated DAPs on head-fi.
  6. spook76

    I could not agree more. With 128GB in storage, extremely thin profile, the ease of swapping music and the best user interface the iPod Touch is hard to beat.
  7. jinque
    Is there a way to sort your music by date added? I sync my itunes to my android and can view my collection by date added so the newest songs/albums is always on top.
  8. Jazz1
    Well sometimes GAS works out :wink:. I've been on a roll lately and have found unexpected pleasure with the purchase of the IPod Touch 128gb 6G. Why does Apple bury this beauty on their website. Geez, I'm have a ball with it after I loaded it with AIFF files. I can't wait to try it out with my Sine once I acquire the hard to find Cipher cable.
    Recently I paired it up with my new B&W P5 wireless for truly mobile use. I added a cheap "rugged" case and belt clip. Now I can swan around the house doing house chores and take the dog for walks (when it is not too hot, otherwise the Bose QC20 is in use). It also works great for work when I don't want to be cabled to the Mojo to the desk with the Mojo and the Sine/B&O H6. 
    Yes I still carry the iPhone6+, but I've got that filled with the apps and mail. After seeing the useful size of the IPT 6G I'm hoping Apple comes out with a phone the same size with 256GB. I can dream can't I?
  9. tienbasse
    Yes you can!
    In 2020 and for double the price of the 128Gb version, in the purest AK240 style. [​IMG]
  10. ButtUglyJeff
    I'm really curious about how things go with you, and the Touch/Sine/Cypher combo.  Keep us informed please
    I've been thinking about that or a Touch/Hifi-Skyn/Sine combo instead...
  11. brent75
    I have 128GB iPod Touch (6th gen) + Sine/Cipher. It took me a while to find this exact combo for my needs but so glad I finally did.
    If you're an Apple guy and you value portability/convenience as much as sound quality, then I truly believe there is no better option on the planet.
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  12. FiGuY1017
    Just bought ipod touch 6 and I'm really quite blown away by it through its ho. I'm coming from s4 through hidizs dac ap100 into uapp(tidal-16 44
  13. avraham
    I use the iPod 6 gen 128 GB as a source for misc. B&W headphones. and with a Oppo HA-2 amp. for Oppo PM-3.  Play Tidal Hi-Rz and FLAC player.
  14. arftech
    Well, you gonna do that upgrade to the 7 Plus?  Double the space for your music files should be heaven! [​IMG]
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Come on ipod touch 256GB!
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