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320kbps vs Apple Lossless

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by ajumbaje, Jan 9, 2011.
  1. ajumbaje
    I'm in the process of re-ripping my cds into apple lossless from aiff. Reason is that I'm running out of space on my ipod classic and I would think re-ripping into lossless would help a "little".
    My main question is...Is there an audible difference b/w 320kbps and apple lossless? Right now, my only means of listening to my music are:
    Jaybird SB1
    Car stock speakers(fairly good to say the least...2002 Rendezvous) - via alpine ida-x305s deck
    Alessandro MS-1
    Sennheiser CX300(might be replacing soon)
    I know people have said that once you get to really expensive equipment you can hear the difference, but at this level(of products I own) can you hear the difference? If not, I'll just rip to 320 and feel comfortable about buying more cds :)
  2. Satellite_6
    I don't think there is a significant difference at this level, use 320 and save some space!
    Use LAME and mp3gain if you chose to use mp3.
  3. ajumbaje
    I just do iTunes and AAC Encoder custom(128kbps for mono and 320kbps for stereo)
  4. blockhead
    Best way is to test it yourself.
    http://www.foobar2000.org/download + http://www.foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_abx
    I can't tell the difference between 320bkps and FLAC/Wav but give it a try. Infact I'd encode VBR with the -V0 setting if I was you. (I use Q7 Vorbis/Ogg but that's not supported by the iPod unless you have Rockbox)
    As the previous poster said use the latest version of LAME as the encoder can make a big difference and LAME has had a ton of improvements made over the years.
    Edit: Give AAC 256kbps a try I'd be surprised if you could tell it apart from ALAC, well I can't anyway.
  5. khaos974
    Suppose you succeed at the DBT tests (not an easy task), another question would be:
    Do you pay enough attention to the music while on the move to make the difference between lossless and AAC?
    Most likely no.
    Keep a lossless copy at home and a lossy one on the iPod. and be happy.
  6. Zinte


    May i know at what level will the significant difference come in? Please advice, because im considering getting a whole stack of CDs to rip apple lossless. Many thanks.
  7. Satellite_6


    That will definitely vary depending on your ears but on a DAP there won't be much of a difference, if any at all. It's good to have a lossless copy though.
  8. Geruvah
    http://www.vel.co.nz/vel.co.nz/Blog/Entries/2009/8/21_ABX_of_Lossless_versus_MP3_-_Part_3_-_Results_and_Discussion.html This may be a good read.
  9. jononku


    Agreed, if there is a difference, I've yet to hear it on my equipment.  This is exactly what I do, throw the 320 version on my ipod and leave the lossless versions on my computer, although to be honest I rarely listen to the latter. 
  10. FlatNine

    You should always rip lossless anyway. As they say at dbPowerAmp (a GREAT tool by the way!) "Rip once, rip right". I have my entire library ripped to FLAC. I only need to handle my CD's once, then I put them in a box and usually never need to touch them again. From my FLAC library I can do anything, including create ALAC for my iPod, mp3, AAC, whatever. You should always rip to lossless.

  11. MacT
    Always use lossless. When You change Your gear You'll regret if not did so
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