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30GB iPod Video (5th generation) [please read details]

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  1. anthony81212
    For Sale
    Hi everyone,

    About the iPod:

    I originally bought this iPod from eBay. On the eBay advertisement, the seller said that the screen LCD did not have backlight (you can still read everything on the screen, but there is no backlight so it is hard to read the screen when it is dark).
    I bought it, thinking that I can use it in the meantime at work. If needed, I can replace the screen, no problem.
    Turns out, the seller did not mention that the battery life on this iPod is also bad. When I received this iPod, the battery lasts maybe 5 minutes while playing music. I tried keeping it in the charger to see if the battery will reset its memory and if the charge will last longer--no luck.
    Now the battery does not even last long enough for the iPod to turn on by itself, I have to keep it constantly plugged into the wall charger.
    Sometimes, the "Please Wait Very Low Battery" screen stays on for a few minutes before the iPod starts booting. Sometimes, the iPod cannot finish booting because the battery is so low, so it shuts down again and goes back to the "Please Wait Very Low Battery".
    I understand that it may be easily fixed by getting a new replacement battery (+ a replacement LCD), but I am moving to Germany on May 2nd and simply don't have enough time to wait for the LCD + battery to arrive, particularly if they're coming from overseas. As such, I am setting a low price in hopes that somebody will buy this fast.
    I hope that my good feedback can convince you that I'm not trying to scam you with a broken iPod--it really did work for me (even though the battery life was very short).

    Condition of the iPod:

    1. I've included some nice photos for you to see the condition. Imgur album if you prefer: http://imgur.com/a/gBLYJ
    2. General condition is pretty good.
    3. On the front, most of the scratches are on the center select button, and on the scroll wheel. The rest of the front panel is in pretty good shape. There are a couple of dust particles under the screen (see pics). There are a few dents around the frame (see pics), and there is a slightly raised bump on the front.
    4. On the back, there are the usual scratches, but all of the lettering (model number, serial number, etc) are visible. Also see the pictures.
    5. The hold switch and the 3.5mm jack work as expected.
    6. The dock connector is very clean, and works like normal.
    Only looking for a sale, no trades please (I don't have time to wait, as I said earlier). Shipping is extra (but probably pretty cheap).
  2. kc0444
    How much are you asking?
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