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30 DAY RETURN - Sound Application C-7 power conditioner and Shunyata 20A Power Cord

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  1. onlychild
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    EDIT Nov 13, 2019

    30 Day Challenge!!

    I could probably put this on Audiogon and sell it without much fuss, but I want to give Head-fi’s a chance first to try this incredible power conditioner. Sound Application is not well known on this forum and I think it deserves a listen.

    Any head-fi’er in the U.S., interested in hearing what this unit can do to their system, I will give them a 30 day return, no questions asked. Shipping costs to be covered by buyer on return. We can split the PayPal cost. I don’t plan on it being returned, it is that good.

    This is one of those conditioners where your system must be on par to hear the benefit and it is not subtle at all. Improvements across the board!

    What sets it apart from your typical power conditioner:
    1. It is 100% passive with no loss in dynamics.
    2. Power Factor Correction
    3. One of the few Reference conditioners I found that has surge protection
    4. Digital and Analog on the same unit
    5. One of the lowest noise floors you will ever hear while still staying completely musical
    The power cord from the wall to the power conditioner will heavily influence the final sound due to the transparency of the C-7. The included Shunyata power cord is known to have a thicker, weightier sound, with smooth treble. I will include an adapter so you can *temporarily* try your favorite 15amp Power cord thus influencing the final sound characteristic. The C-7 takes a 20amp plug.

    I’ve tested this against a Synergistic Research Powercell 12 UEF SE with the Galileo power cord ($12K+) and against a High Fidelity Cables Ultimate Power Conditioner ($15K). The other two were sold off and I kept the C-7.

    I basically had to get off the grid completely with a StromTank Battery ($14K) to realize a benefit over the C-7, and it wasn’t a night and day difference. Also, the StromTank’s smallest model works great for me because I don’t use any amps, just direct out of DAVE. For speaker amps or something like the WA33, you would need to setup up to the higher end StromTanks which go for $20K and 30K depending on the size of the battery. My point is this is an incredible conditioner at an unbelievably price and I think if anyone with a serious setup tries it, they won’t be disappointed, hence the 30-day Challenge.

    Special pricing of $4K for the package. I’ll probably give it till the end of the year on Head-fi before I put it on Audiogon for $4500.

    Up for sale is my Sound Application C-7 power conditioner which I purchased directly from Jim Weil.

    These are one of the best power conditioners you can buy. The C-7 retailed for $16K about 5 years ago and the retail prices are the actual prices. Jim Weil does not give discounts since you buy directly from him and not a dealer.

    Jim only makes one power conditioner at a time, the best one he can possibly make. His most current model, the TT-7, sells for $20K. This is the one Roy Romaz uses.

    I purchased my C-7 directly from Jim. I purchased less than a year ago, and purchased from Jim as a used (but perfect condition) model.

    I have previously owned the Synergistic Research Galileo Powercell 12 UEF and the High Fidelity Cables Ultimate conditioner and the C-7 beats both hands down. Jim Weil has been making power conditioners for 30 something years and CBS studios uses his conditioners.

    There are two used TT-7's on audiogon, one for $13K and one for $15.5K. All of Jim's latest models only have 6 outlets. The ones on audiogon with 12 outlets are over a decade old design.

    Reason for sale is because I purchased a StromTank Battery, so I do not need the power conditioner.

    I will include a Shunyata 20A Alpha power cord for $500. The C-7 is $4500. Total package of $5K including shipping and PayPal within the US.

    As always, please check my feedback and buy with confidence. Local Chicago Pickup is welcomed.

    I have the original box and packaging for the C-7, but not the Shunyata Cable. More pics available upon request

    IMG_4638.jpeg IMG_4637.jpeg
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  5. CorvetteGarage
    Good deal here...
  6. onlychild
    Updated Original posting with 30 Day Challenge and new limited time price
  7. onlychild
  8. onsionsi
    This power conditioner has a good reputation from many trusted audiophiles in our hobby.

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