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3 IEM choose which one?

  1. rollbread
    After seeing some reviews I am now thinking one of these 3 earphones.

    1) Klipsch S4
    2) UE 600
    3) a-Jays Four
  2. Nightslayer
    Firstly, use proper English please. On a keyboard you don't save all that much time typing "dun" instead of "don't". Secondly, haven't heard the UE600 before but I've heard the a-Jays and they're nothing to rave about, it was pretty muddy and the sound was quite congested. The Klipsch S4 is a decent pair for its price, nothing overtly displeasing about it, which is a lot more than can be said for many earphones.
  3. rollbread
    thanks for ur feedback. I think I might get the Klipsch seems like got ppl prefer the S4.
  4. Nightslayer

    ..so you're telling me it takes an age to type a few more letters on your smartphone iPhone? And well if you had spent a little more time on this particular forum you might see what I'm talking about. Generally the people who don't type properly don't speak English as a first language, and even then they try, unlike you. (if you happen to be from Malaysia instead of Singapore then beg your pardon for my wrongly placed assumption) I've just looked up the UE600 and it seems like Logitech rebranded the Super-Fi 5, it's better than the Klipsch but horridly overpriced outside the States so it seems like the S4 will still be your best bet.
  5. rollbread
    The price between ue600 n s4 is around 20plus as the ue600 is from us. So not sure isit worth the money.
  6. LegendaryLvl1

    Actually mate. It does pose a problem for us. We get tens of people like YOU clogging up our forums with requests when there are DEDICATED PLACES THAT YOU CAN ASK FOR HELP.
    Of course you wouldn't know because you didn't take the time to look for such a thread. 
    You come in here with as a newbie, and you start defending yourself like you're some king "It's very simple"
    Condescending much? Having fun defending yourself when a member asked if you could just type words more legibly? 
    And don't tell me that you looked in other threads because then I'll know you'll be lying.
    It has QUITE a useful link

    I even had the decency to pull out a quote for you:
    1.Read before posting. Research before posting. Use the search function before posting. There are answers to almost every question you have and ones you didn’t know you had buried everywhere in this forum. Please do a little research before asking, “What’s the best headphone for $100?” There are already 900 threads answering questions about good headphones for bass, and gaming, and jazz, and trance, and classical, and there was even a not surprisingly lengthy thread about what headphones for were good for dirty movies. Think about your purpose, what type of music you like, your budget and what you want in a rig, and start reading.
  7. ZARIM
    Since the OP budget is not clear with preference and location. But i will highely recommend to try Sony EX510 and they are detailed (in mids n highs) yet fun to listen with deep punchy and wide soundstage. I think they are better sounding than S4 for the price and they comes with lots of tips, case and extras.
  8. Nightslayer


    And on an unrelated note, thank you for putting so clearly what I had given up on trying to explain. :)

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