3.5mm stereo solderlesspanel mount
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Oct 18, 2010
Can any one suggest a good quality 3.5mm stereo panel mount that does not require soldering?  I'm looking into adding an AUX input to my car stereo and looking for a panel mount jack I could use that hopefully wouldn't affect the SQ too much.
I was originally planning on getting this:
But reviews on it mostly say how it's not attached securely.  Plus I'm not sure if the cable quality is good.
I'm looking for something with just the plug (female to female) so I can replace the cables easily.  I also want something that is attached by a thread and bolt system, kinda like how the radioshack ones work:
Now I'm thinking this might work:
But from the looks on the picture, it might be a bit too long and I have a limited space where I'm going to mount this.  Maybe something with a right angle jack on the other end might be better?  Although I'll probably go with this if I can't find a better solution.
Any other suggestions guys?  Thanks

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