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2stepdance hiss/ground noise issue

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by fungus, Apr 17, 2013.
  1. Fungus
    As a current owner of the 2stepdance amp, I've noticed from day that the amp emits a hiss that gradually increases whenever the volume level is turned up. While the hiss only starts to become noticeable when past 12 o'clock on the volume control (zero hiss under this volume) using moderately sensitive iem, it becomes extremely loud at max volume and is a concern when I've read from current 2stepdance owners that they doen't hear any noise, is dead silent at any given volume. 

    In additional, I'm getting frequent radio frequency interference when using it as a portable amp, whether I'm outdoors and commuting on public transport. It seems the RF signal is only present through the right side of my headphones. It can be heard though my music at a moderate level. 
    Do you think I have received a faulty model?
  2. lcooksl
    My 2Stepdance is dead silent until around 2 o'clock on the the volume with the iems I have tried which varies from Etymotic HF2 (low impedance), Etymotic ER4PT with 75ohm adapter (100 ohm) to Heir Tzar 350 (350 ohm). That said I never get that high on the volume so it's a non issue for me. 
    Concerning radio interference I can confirm it's prone to that but so is a a number of other portable amps I would guess - also had the problem on the iQube when I had that. I find it's only a problem for me when I am close to people/my own phone run on the Edge network, 3G gives no interference. It's still very annoying when commuting by train.
  3. Fungus
     Was your 2stepdance set to low or high gain when you notice the hiss at 2 o'clock?
    The radio interference can be so ignoring that I can not longer bare using it as a portable with iem..sigh 
  4. Fungus
    sorry meant annoying, not ignoring lol
  5. lcooksl
    set to high

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