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2nd Annual WickedSchiit Meet - New England - Nov 10th, 2019



  1. I'll be there!

    23 vote(s)
  2. Probably!

    6 vote(s)
  3. Maybe!

    5 vote(s)
  4. Can't go after all.

    2 vote(s)
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  1. pwscott
    Am just starting to amass some gear here. I can bring a few things; I do have the latest Fiio DAP the M11 Pro as well as the HiBy R6 Pro and R5. Have the KLH Ultimate One open ear headphones along with my Fiio FH7 IEMs. I also have a Terabyte or so of high quality soundboard concert recordings in FLAC form as well....may try and bring some highlights on a USB drive.
  2. gc335
    Awesome! Lots of good stuff. I update the front page. I'm definitely looking forward to checking out the M11 and R6 Pro. I'm bringing my DX220 with the AMP8 if you want to check it out.
  3. wizzman121
    I plan to make it though I may not be able to stay until the end. This will be my first event of this kind and I very much look forward to trying out some of the gear listed. I don't have anything super interesting but I can bring the following if you think it is worth it:

    Schiit Jotunheim
    SMSL SU-8
    Dragonfly Black
    Focal Elex
    Sennheiser 6XX
    Sennheiser Momuntum 2.0

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  4. bagwell359
    I'm coming this year.

    Will bring:

    HE-500 mods (often spoken of)
    Brainwavz Alara (mods)
    Rag 1 (no mods) (potentially for sale)
    Mad Scientist Audio HDC carbon coax cable (for sale) very unusual

    Like to hear the Rag 2 and Abyss.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
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  5. gc335
    Great! Glad you can make it. No worries about leaving early. See you soon!
  6. gc335
    We are less than two weeks away!!! If you have not already done so, please vote/update your vote. I need to get an accurate headcount for food.

    See you soon!
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  7. bkron
    I will try to come. If I do, I will bring

    Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Platinum
    iFi micro idsd (silver)
    hqplayer to play with iFi filters

    Yggy will stay home, it will not heat up for the meet anyways.

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  8. gc335
    Great! Hope you can make it!
  9. gc335
    I have a few updates... Audeze is stepping up again by sending us some demo gear as well as a Sine DX to give away. Huge thanks to Audeze.

    Schiit is also sending us the new Hel and Fulla 3 to check out. The Hel it is Schiit's new high power gaming (and music!!!) DAC/AMP.


    I'm also working on something special for the Head-Fi gaming fans. More info to follow.
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  10. wizzman121
    That is awesome news. Any idea if Audeze is going to send over one of their new LCD-1 headphones that started shipping this week?
  11. gc335
    I'm not sure about the LCD-1 yet. We MIGHT have a demo pair but I'm not sure. It would be awesome to have one. My guess is that they have most of their demo pairs out to reviewers etc and the new stock is being used to fill orders. I will let you know asap.
  12. rickles
    Would be great to get an LCD-4!

    Also hoping someone brings the Meze Empyrean to compare to the HE1000 SE, and Abyss Phi CC. :)
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
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  13. gc335
    I will reach out to Audeze to see if I can add or swap for the LCD-4.
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  14. gc335
    Does anyone have a Tanchijim Oxygen or ZMF Vertite that they could bring? An attendee is really interested in trying them out. Let's see if we can make it happen.
  15. gc335
    The Schiit kit has arrived!!! Lots of goodies!

    Please bring power strips and extension cords especially if your set up needs it. I have a few I'll be bringing.

    See you soon!
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