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2nd Annual WickedSchiit Meet - New England - Nov 10th, 2019



  1. I'll be there!

    23 vote(s)
  2. Probably!

    6 vote(s)
  3. Maybe!

    5 vote(s)
  4. Can't go after all.

    2 vote(s)
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  1. gc335
    I just posted some updates! Please post the gear you will be bringing and I will update the front page.

    If the Ragnarok 2, Bifrost 2 and Asgard 3 are not enough incentive to go, we are giving away a Jotunheim!!!
  2. spwath
    I'll be bringing my Pete Millet Junokutchi, Theta DSPro projeny, and Sennheiser HD 250 Linear mk1
    gc335 likes this.
  3. rickles
    Crap! I didn’t see this in time. If there is another New England area meet, would love to attend.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  4. gc335
    Bummer... I'll be holding it again next year around the same time. I don't know of any other meets in the area. Keep an eye out on the meet thread. Also, maybe we can hold a smaller informal meet. Let me know if that works.
  5. gc335
    Thanks! I added you and your gear. Less than a month to go!
  6. ninjapirate9901
    Not entirely sure what I'll be bringing, at the very least:

    RME ADI-2, THX 789 (or Burson Soloist), Eikon, Aeolus, Arya.
  7. gc335
    Updated! Thanks!

    I'm looking forward to trying the Aeolus. See you soon!
  8. rickles
    Just realized this is in November! I’ll be there. :) #tiredlastnight

    I have a ton of gear. I’ll bring a few cool pieces.
    gc335 likes this.
  9. gc335
    You must have been up late watching the Pats game! haha

    Great! Let me know if you want me to list specific gear for you. See you soon!
  10. Richsvt
    Well, as an update, I got a small concession on the event. I really wanted to go but can't stay all that long, maybe 2 hours max. Would it be ok if I just brought some portable gear and just wandered around trading sounds when I can? I know lots of great desktop set-ups will be there. Would love to hear your gear. I'm always amazed at the stuff everyone presents. Just feel badly that I won't be able to do a good set-up. If this jives with everyone, I'm in...
  11. gc335
    That is TOTALLY fine!

    I just wanted to clarify that people don’t need to bring something. If you are new to the hobby or don’t have anything to bring feel free to come anyway.
    Richsvt likes this.
  12. rickles
    Will likely bring:

    Chord TT2
    Grado PS-1
    Grado HP-2
    Grado RS-1
    Abyss Phi CC
    Hifiman HE1000SE
    Audio-Technica ATH-W2002

    I have way too much, but probably this stuff.
  13. gc335
    Great! I’ll update the front page. I’m glad you’re bringing the Grados. I only tried a pair briefly many years ago.
  14. rickles
    Would love it if someone had the Meze Empyrean. Would be great to hear them. Also curious to hear the higher end stuff from Kennerton.
  15. Sahaj
    Crazy gear list, haha! Any interest in demoing an Argon T60RP with an Emotiva BasX A-100 (if I can make it)?
    rickles and gc335 like this.
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