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250 $ IEM for a musical experience

  1. edvardd
    I am looking for an IEM that is slightly warm, rich midrage and enjoyable to listen too. Second is detail and separation, as Im a musician and I like to discern different instruments in order to play them by ear. Total balance and neutrality is not a requirement, but a slight coloration is fine if it gives some spice to the sound :)
    I have used and lost the Sunrise Xscape IEM which I liked and Im thinking about getting again. It wasn't that "fun", but a great sounding IEM at 80 $
    My budget is 250 $
  2. McPanse
    The Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 pros and Triple.fi 10s would probably give you what your looking for. They both compare favorably with more expensive full-size cans, sound great directly out of iPods and such but improve with amplification. 
  3. Redmetal1897
    Sounds you are describing the Ortofon's! If you hurry dimitri from Musica Acoustics might still have the e-q5 for $250!
  4. yello131
    Yes Ortofon e-Q5 could be an option as well as Radius DDM, IE8, SM2.
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    e-Q5 is a good choice, but I'll go for Radius DDM myself for those qualities that the OP is looking for.
  6. ZARIM
    Klipsch Custom 3, Westone 2, SA6, SM2 and Radius DDM.....
  7. edvardd
    Thanks for the response guys! I have mailed Musical Acoustics about the pricing of DDM and e-Q5. I am leaning towards DDM because of the pricing even though e-Q5 is tempting.
    The source I will pair it with is Nationite flo2 and I will use it unamped with the headphone out which is said to have a powerful internal amp. Any thoughts about synergy?
  8. batpig
    I would give the Munitio earphones a look, they have a really rich, warm sound.... while still maintaining a crispness in the detail and treble: http://munitio.com/products-page
    I think they sound awesome... but amazing bass (without being boomy flabby, more smooth/rich and warm) for in-ears.
  9. edvardd


    I have taken a look. I really dont know since there doesn't seem to be much more information about them
  10. edvardd
    DDM seems interesting at that pricerange. I listening to alot of instrumental world music, jazz, choral music and some classical.
    I was thinking of either getting Ortofon e-Q5 or BOTH Sunrise-xscape and Radium DDM for about 250. I like to have different IEM to try and compare but ofcourse its a compromise in sound. They just seem to complement eachother quite well in that range. Its also the fact that things break and I might loose them, so two IEMS are quite handy then :)
    But ofourse one high quality IEM would still be preferable...
  11. edvardd
    I was almost decided on the Radius Pro DDM but I faced the fat that I do have small ears and the fit is said to be an issue with small ears. Or can you get used to it?
  12. yello131


    How small are you ears?  If you are going to be using Radius on the go, this may fall out of your ear canals, unless they are very well secured inside your shells, it might get a bit tricky to get used to the fit...
  13. batpig
    well of course, they are fairly new!  There isn't much info out there so that's why I was volunteering a personal recommendation [​IMG]
    if you google there are some initial reviews from tech blogs... also I found another thread here on Head-Fi where a guy posted his impressions: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/518494/first-impressions-munitio-siti-nine-millimeter
    They also just sent out a holiday promo code (vibrato) which knocks 25% off....
    also I see you mentioning "small ears", the Munitio earphones come with multiple tips of various sizes so you can vary the fit.... just throwing it out there as another option to consider!
  14. edvardd
    I went for Radius DDM, perhaps I'll get them soon. ClieOS, how would you compare them to Sunrise Charm? I just got the charms in the mail. I will compare them when I have both. DDM seems to have a more prounounced bass.
  15. ClieOS Contributor
    I think you'll find DDM to portray space a little batter, not quite as mid focus and sweet as Charm but has a more textured, impactful bass and more detail treble. Otherwise the two share a similar sound signature: smooth, warm and musical.

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