$250~350 IEM vs Portable Headphone vs Full Sized
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May 12, 2007
i am looking for a transportable setup, so doesnt have to be very portable, my source will be laptop, and a usb-dac(ibasso D3 is probably on the top of my list) or fuze>mini3

i like etymotics sound sig, but am looking or a more heavy sound, more tight bass, and a more well defined and separated sound spectrum as a whole. Durability is also a strong point as i want this thing to last for years to come. accounting with careful handling. Lets just assume i listen to classical, jazz, pop, and rap.

now, for IEM i can go for triple fi (no shures cuz they have poor build?)and UE seem to have the best build?

for portable headphone, esw9 seem to be one option, a900ti also seem to be an option

for full sized, no denons, and have to be easy to drive for my portable amps.
what is your recommendation?

so yes, i am not sure from which medium will i get the best SQ per unit of cash, size is not really a problem, just have to fit my set up. thanks for the help!

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