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24bit vs 16bit, the myth exploded!

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by gregorio, Mar 19, 2009.
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    Lol as you wish. Love to.
  2. board
    Then install Foobar and its separate ABX plugin and report back when that is done.
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  3. taffy2207
    You may want to consider climbing down from your Soapbox.

    He's not answerable to you. You may want to consider working with him in a friendlier manner and dropping the dictatorial tone.

    The whole point of an ABX (should be) is to find out what your personal hearing threshold is, he should consider doing it for himself not for the Community or any higher purpose. He has everything to gain by doing it for himself and nothing to lose. If he does an ABX and chooses to publicize his results, good for him. If not, also up to him.

    His claims have already been both debunked and beaten down but it's up to him, it's his choice whether he does an ABX or not and it's also up to him if he shares those results IMO.
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    Guys I’ll do as asked in fact I look forward to it. I’m no audio god of hearing. I fo commit to the challenge but also want a simple file playback too. Remember I simply say it’s what I observe and while I get kicked here I have many who also lurk here and laugh at you guys confused conjecture all not based on the one thing we all do play music. One can try to prove what it sounds like with math but since there are many variables from file to the brain some inconsistency is not acknowledged in a pure math conclusion. But to put this Aside I’ll do as asked. After this what is next ?
  5. board
    Nope :).
    I wonder who’s head will explode first
  7. bigshot
    It’s actually very simple to find out if there are differences. You take your favorite HD audio track, convert it to 16/44.1, then back up to HD again. Now you have two files- one is HD and the other is 16/44.1 bumped up to HD. Normalize the two tracks to the exact same volume level. Run the two tracks through Foobar to do a blind comparison and let us know how you do.

    We are more than willing to help you do this. But we know how it is going to turn out, because we’ve done this ourselves and we know the difference isn’t audible. If you can consistently hear a difference, the world of digital audio would be interested in studying you and finding out why your ability to hear exceeds the rest of the human race.

    Conduct the test fairly and have fun. You will almost certainly be surprised by the results.
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    Ok help me it’s installed. Wish me luck lol. Why food bar anyway ? I assume I use foo st to down sample ?
    Ok question how do you select the output device I’m using a Lampi need amanaro right now it’s using windows it’s horrible help me. It’s been years since foobar. Help me baby steps remember ima n idiot so need help lol.
    Ok must have a few bad tracks now playing from internal d drive sounds pretty good
    But why are some tracks louder then others of same album ? It’s albums I dod some format conversions on. ? Wav , aiff and stock pcm cd rip.
    ? Any ideas ? the wav seems to have much more body
    Ok since I’m getting crickets I’ll do the high def and down sample too and report does it matter for what format I use it will be the same for both
  11. bigshot
    Outline the steps you took clearly.

    how did you prepare your two files?
    Need dB power amp guys unless you can share how down sample in foobar. J river only lets me lower the bit depth not rate
    Help help lol. And yes I’ll say exactly how it’s done
  13. Daiyama
    Short question (sorry if this has been answered with the 349 pages):
    Why for over a decade now 24 bit vs 16 bit is discussed here, when this is something that is usually not changed independent from the sampling rate?
    24/96 is a way more common format than 24/44(48), personally I have seen this with amazon ultra HD.
    So why not discussing 16/44 vs 24/96?
    It’s why I’m sampling now I found a way to use foobar to down convert from 24/96 to 16/44.1 now playing samples now.
  15. taffy2207
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
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