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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. felix3650
    It's thanks to you guys that I've switched to the dark side (and glad I did)! I started with the A&S Kenzie but then Glenn's OTL can do so much more...I guess my Auteur will be quite happy:smile_cat:
    I plan on using only certain combos though. The 6x 6BX7GT will take care of the output. Rolling would be limited mostly on driver tubes.

    I'll think of a name once I have it with me. Combined with my Holo Cyan it would make for a great versatile setup. The Cyan has a very capable balanced headphone output too for those times I want a different flavor other than tubes:wink:
  2. felix3650
    Oh BTW what RCA cables do you suggest to hook the Cyan and GOTL together?
  3. lukeap69
    Nice. My DAC (and I believe @whirlwind 's DAC as well) is also made by Holo. The big brother of the Cyan, the Spring. Lovely DAC. Didn't feel the itch to upgrade after purchasing it.
  4. felix3650
    Yeah. You guys have the Spring Level 3 (a bit out of my budget) but the Cyan should be around 80% there. It has both OS and NOS modes which does change the sound a bit (so more variables to play when hooked to the GOTL :money_mouth::gun:)
  5. lukeap69
    Oh I'm sure the Cyan sounds wonderful as well. You can't go wrong with the Holo-Glenn OTL combo. Especially with the super hyper mega OTL amp Glenn will be building for you, sky will be the limit!
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  6. whirlwind
    You won't need balanced cables for the Cyan and your amp.
    Sort of a budget question.....but even some mono price cables will do the job.

    No need to worry the Cyan and GOTL will produce wonderful music.
    Congrats on getting all of your new gear :)
  7. JazzVinyl
    I prefer a very old pair of HD580 over the HD650's. 580's are flat, 650's have a very V shaped response. They were made for SS amplification, imo....

    I see no such animal as HD250?
  8. mordy
    The HD250 has been out of production for many years.
  9. JazzVinyl
    The good news is the OTL will accommodate whatever sonic response you might need. Plenty of bright tubes combinations avail for your Verite's...

    Sonic Nirvana WILL be achieved.

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  10. JazzVinyl
    Ah, I see some info about them now. Closed back...
  11. leftside
    Lot's of good talk regarding bass. Not sure if this helps, but I've been running GEC 6AS7G, Cossor 53-KU and Mullard ECC35 and this is my favorite combo so far in the WA22 with my LCD-3's. I was running TS 5998, Sylvania metal bass 6SN7 and Mullard metal bass GZ34 for a couple of weeks, but the former combo is much better. Sound is much fuller with better bass without losing any detail. I don't usually hear such big differences with tubes.

    Also tried the ECC35 with TS 5998, but this was too much gain and things were slightly noisy. ECC32/TS5998 was great if I remember rightly. I've yet to hear a 6SN7 tube that sounds as good as any of the Mullard/Triotron ECC31 - ECC35 tubes, but maybe that's just with the WA22.
  12. Monsterzero
    Yes, Zach has shown incredible patience over the years with his customers. Top notch guy.

    Shameless plug:

    Check my YouTube channel for my review of the HD250s.
  13. UntilThen
    Putting the EL11s through with various power tubes. With a quad of these russian 6H13C, it's a nice variation from 6 x 6bx7gt. With a very nice tube bloom and bounce.

    I very much prefer the EL11s over the Mullard ECC35 now. EL11s sounds so natural and relax. I can relate to Phanta and rnros with their description of EL8. Musical cues floating in their own space and clearly delineated from each other. You can pin point instruments. Superb imaging.

    rnros likes this.
  14. Liu Junyuan
    When do you expect your Stratus to arrive? I am looking forward to your impressions in relation to the Glenn!
  15. rnros
    HaHa, not crazy... Brilliant!
    It was only a matter of time until the GOTL Ultra Eleven emerged from Glenn Studio. :)
    Congrats on being the first. You will be in GOTL heaven for years to come.
    In addition to the Amazing Sound, it's also notable that you can purchase all three pairs of the EL3N, EL8, and EL11 for the price of one pair of C3g.
    Which is additional justification for the cost of the Lundahl transformer... This will be a Lundahl GOTL, yes?
    (And of course, another $100 saved on adapters. : ))

    LOL, I've been eye-balling the deck of my GOTL wondering if I would have to sacrifice a couple of 6BX7 sockets to have EL3N sockets installed.
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