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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. UntilThen
    That's a much better option Mordy. How much are they?
  2. 2359glenn
    They look nice!!
    I looked on his E-Bay store and didn't see any. Did you buy all he had??
  3. mordy
    These were custom made at my request and not something that he had done before. I am sure that he can make more if people are interested.
    He seems to have a good knowledge of what he is doing and access to a machine shop as well. Responds very quickly to any questions or emails, and produces the stuff very quickly.
    I also ordered some other adapters and socket savers that he made to order.
    Will let you know how everything works out once I get them.
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  4. mordy
    I ordered a bunch of stuff and got a package deal but just email him and he will answer your questions. All shipping was free.
    The prices were competitive.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  5. rnros
    Thanks, Mordy. They look nice. Will give these a try.
  6. gibosi
    Later tubes, shiny-black and white lettering were all made by Siemens. But the earlier ones, flat-black and embossed tops, were actually made by Lorenz. And in my experience, the Lorenz are indeed darker.
  7. gibosi
    This is the same vendor who custom-made B4 to 3DG4 rectifier adapters for me. And yes, based on my experience with him, I would recommend him. :)
  8. Phantaminum
    I've been running the EL8s for several days now and I found that I agree with all of your thoughts. Most tubes on Glenn's OTL have a pretty wide sound stage but the EL8s give me the feeling as if i'm sinking into a deep sound stage. Low level cues and reverb are making me smile and with great extension on at both ends. These and the synergy of the c3gs with the HD650s really surprised me.
    rnros likes this.
  9. JazzVinyl
    F question for Glenn...the EL8 is a single triode. The
    Very nice Mordy...

    Certainly appears that he cut off the bottoms of local based tubes to get the Loctal bases....looks excellent!
    Now for some Yamamoto side contact sockets on top :)

    Great job, finding this fellow!
  10. 2359glenn
    I have the EL8s in for over a week now and really liking them. At first I thought the EL3N was better but I am really liking the sound
    from these EL8s leaving them in.
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  11. dminches
  12. JazzVinyl
    Your running EL8's and C3g's PH? What for powers?

    I have the C3g's and VT-231 in...and six Pack of 6BL7..
    You better be sitting down when you hear these...or the bass might knock you down...

  13. attmci
    Ken knew who had referred this guy to him. :)
  14. Phantaminum
    Hey JV,

    The c3gs with a six pack of GE 6BX7s really pack a punch on the HD650s. I can't imagine taking much more force! Which VT-231s are you using JV?
  15. felix3650
    Thanks :)

    By darker you guys mean rolled off highs and elevated bass and low-mids (comonly used definition of dark)? If so I think I'll go for the Siemens. Don't want any detail to be lost even though sometimes I'm a bit more sensible to the upper-mid lower-treble region of 2-6Khz some masterings emphasise to make the impression of a high quality recording.

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