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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. Phantaminum
    Packed up the amp but before I did I tried the Svetlana 6H13Cs and a Fivre 12sn7 I purchased from another Head-Fier.

    I’ve tried the brown base before and found them ok but these black bases sounded fantastic. I noticed that the black base doesn’t look at all like the brown base. After a little google search I found them to be a Brimar 12sn7.

    Great synergy with cheap Russian power tubes and the Auteurs. Anyone know where I could buy more?
  2. JazzVinyl
    6x 6BL7 and ECC804...

    And another Trio:


    These gents sound best on the HD650's...

    Mazda ECC804 remains the "C3g like tone" tube..remarkably so, loving it.

    Thanks to gibosi for suggesting the ECC804...

    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
  3. 2359glenn
    Best to get the Svetlana tubes
  4. 2359glenn
  5. 2359glenn
  6. whirlwind
  7. attmci
    Most of the tube amp manufactures are not as smart as Glenn. :)

    They also afraid the customers may forget to switch the voltage when switching tubes (like Matt. LOL).
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
  8. Phantaminum
  9. zach915m
    I bought these. =) The guy actually took a VERY reasonable best offer price. Just you know...prepping for my OTL!!!!

    In the meantime:


    Been loving my time with the Gel3n. After sending Glenn the auteur he really brought out the most from it with the Gel3n. The impact, space and timbre is just a ton of fun and so life-like. As you can sorta see in the pic, I am running an old Brimar 5U4G that was made by GEC with the rounded base. I also have a skinny Mullard GZ37 that sounds wonderful per Glenn's suggestion! I have used a few rectifier's so far but to be honest they all sound so good in the amp that I'm just going to let this one sit for a bit before I really try to pick apart the differences. I'll probably go to the metal base GZ34 soon.

    Also I am running it from a vintage Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 MK II which is just awesome. The combo is incredibly musical and lush without losing any air or space. I have a bit of a vintage DAC problem as well as the tubes too. My favorites are the EAD dac's and Sonic Frontiers SFD stuff.

    I'll try to chime in more as I get more time with it!
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  10. 2359glenn
    The TSBGRP is just about the best sounding driver for the OTL good purchase.
  11. Phantaminum
    That's a fantastic tube Zach and even for a great price! It'll sound good once you pop it in but after you put in a good amount of hours it'll sound fantastic once it opens up. One of my favorite by far.

    That picture is making me lust after the geL3n once again. I bet that amp sounds fantastic with the Auteurs and the ZMF planars.
  12. JazzVinyl
    These are baseballs:


    But this, has 'Bass Balls':


    I just compared the Mazda ECC804 to the 1633, 13D1 and the TS BGRP...

    This little tube has more bass tha any of the others....

    Eye........like it!!!!

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  13. gibosi
    I assume you have the RCA 1633? As in the case of the 6SN7GT, the Ken-Rad 1633 has a bit more bass...

    But again, the ECC804 is largely unknown and under appreciated. Glad you are liking it. :)
  14. JazzVinyl
    Yes, RCA 1633, which is a fine sounding tube on its own. Believe ya when you say Ken Rad has more bass as thier VT-231's are wonderful.

    I am rather amazed at the ECC804, Ken....it's a jewel of a tube....so glad you alerted me to it :)
  15. JazzVinyl


    Mazda ECC804 6x 6BL7's.....

    Thank you, Glenn!!!

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